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Blossom Goodchild – (nr.1) – 5 January 2013

blossom-blog-new shortWell, here we are again! So quickly the days fly by!  How would you care to start today?  I personally am unsure as to what we shall discuss now. We have spoken of LOVE and we shall keep on speaking of it I guess. It all FEELS a bit odd as to where we go from here and what our mission is!

We would enjoy stating quite clearly that our mission is to help you understand who you are! This has the rippling effect of lifting the planet Earth into a Higher resourceful level which will have you ALL KNOWING that LIFE … LIFE IN ALL ITS GLORY … gets a whole lot better than you currently think it can be. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – Celebrate Who You Really Are! – 5 January 2013

ann-albers_2012_smMessage From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Happy New Year and as we like to say Happy New You! Happy New, Wonderful, Magical, Creative, Abundant, Prosperous, Wise, Caring, Compassionate, Loving You! For that is how we see you! This is who you really are. This is what you want to bring to the surface this year! It is a year of loving the truth of yourself. It is a year of being authentic. It is a year of being committed to being “real” with everyone and everything around you. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Exploring Our Obligations In The Matrix – 5 January 2013

Uploaded on 5 January 2013 by paradoxman316 I could have started this over an hour ago; yet I felt I needed to spend more time exploring how I feel about the subject of obligation. I didn’t realize how deep the feelings go. How many times have we had our friends and family expect us to do something for them because of something they have done for us? How many times has it been the other way around? I realize for me how uncomfortable I feel when someone wants me to do something I don’t want to do; and they pressure me with guilt, trying to manipulate me to do it anyway because they need it. I’m sure most of us have met needy people or even been needy ourselves. How do people generally react to the needy person? Are we not pushed away when we feel the demands? And don’t we feel hurt when others don’t meet our perceived needs? What’s the solution; or is there even a solution? That’s what I’ve been meditating on for over two hours.

Sandra Walter – 2013 : Stepping Throught The Gateway Of Light – 5 January 2013


Sandra on snowy Mt. Shasta Jan 2, 2013

The Shift just gets more and more brilliant, doesn’t it?

The brilliance of Mastering one reality while another dies off – I absolutely love it. Think of our experience here, Masters. Why in this realm would we create something as dull as make it clear to everyone on the planet that something huge has occurred to begin this fantastical journey of merging with all that we are? It is brilliant to have dramatic Earth changes and Solar activity subdued at the moment. It is brilliant to have no drama during the initial weeks, because it challenges our Mastery of choices, wisdom, beliefs and fortitude. Continue reading

Ron Head – Do What Is Yours To Do, But Keep Always In Your Hearts Your Connection To The Whole – 5 January 2013


We greet you once again and wish to continue in our explanation of your current circumstances.  Most of you have begun to emerge from what you would describe as a ‘funk’.  You do have some wonderful words.  Now what is to be done? Continue reading

Sophia Love – The Greatest Day Of Our Lives. Today. – 5 January 2013

8402798(Lucas : As I have said before if people still say or think they didn’t see, feel or experience a thing that is due to not listening to that what is your ear “Your Heart”, not felt from your instrument to feel “Your Heart” and didn’t know because they forgot  what their real center of mind and thinking is: “Your Heart”. It is that going within and acknowledging your connectiion wth the heart, that connecting and activating the heart, which will bring you that connection to source, onenesse and unconditional love. It is all already their for you. Just go and make it happen also for you.)

Sophia : Today’s blog come  from someone who seems to  just BE, without the influence of ego and expectation.  What follows is a note I received yesterday from Inelia Benz, at Ascension101.com.


The videos that follow are two of my favorites! Continue reading

Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Divine Mother : Dance Your Life, Centered In Stillness! – 5 January 2013

Vibration6Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright © 2013

Please also read update from 21.8.12

VIDEO (recommended!)


Here I AM again, your Divine Mother! Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Timothy Glenn : 2013 : A Call To Transmutation – 5 January 2013

laura brunoYay! My gifted Astrologer/Numerologist/Tarot expert and generally wise and witty friend, Timothy Glenn of Soul Purpose Readings, just released his latest article. Here you go, hot off the keyboard:

2013: A Call to Transmutation
by Timothy Glenn

We have navigated the waters of the Galactic Alignment and all the hoopla concerning interpretations of one of the Mayan calendars. The world did not manage to blow up, nor did the Archangels descend on the clouds and wave magic wands: Twang. There you go: instant paradise. Enjoy it. Continue reading

Universal Mind Meditation {Guided Meditation} – 5 January 2013

Uploaded on 15 September 2011 by TheDazbar2 Kelly Howell – The Secret Universal Mind Meditation {Guided Meditation}….

John Ward – The Saturday Essay : Why ‘TGIF’ Yesterday Betrayed The First Signs Of ‘TGOF’ – 5 January 2013

John WardFriday 4th January 2013 was a turning point

Reading some of the financial technical press and better class of website content yesterday afternoon, there was a very Friday feeling about it all. The first short week after New Year is always a butt-kick after several consecutive days of food, family and fantasy. Everyone sounded pretty bored, and glad of the two-day respite now beginning. In fact, I think this ennuie was a more than slightly depressive response to the arrival back at a desk, and the discovery that Santa Claus hadn’t brought that much desired present marked Salvation For All. Continue reading