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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 6 January 2013

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

As the first days of the new Age of Light open before you, gather yourselves with strength from within and stand resolutely on the path that is before you, knowing that change is continuing to take place within your bodies and within all life around you. The new rays of the sun open long dormant codes within you and the process of the rejuvenation of your five body systems unfolds. Continue reading


Conversations With – Jim Self and Lee Harris – 6 January 2013

Uploaded on 5 January 2013 by MasteringAlchemy  (Thanks to Laura from http://www.2012indyinfo.com for pointing this out!) Continue reading

Montague Keen – 6 January 2013

montague-keenI feel your excitement, my dear. The evidence is now out there and available to everyone. The CABAL is EXPOSED, at last. Yes, it has taken a long time, but it had to be thorough and understandable. Now the facts speak for themselves. It is the duty of everyone to acknowledge the true facts and act accordingly. You, the people, can now see how you were enslaved to a corrupt regime. You do not even own your property; you are only the tenant. Nor do you own your car. You have never been told the truth about anything. Even your children belong to the state: which can and does remove them at will. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The New Sun-Earth, Divine Counterpart Manifestation And So Much More!!! Holy Cow Batman!!! – 6 January 2013

sun-earthOne of the things I did not mention in my sharing yesterday about the information that came out of meditation really needs to be shared.  So I will kick off this sharing with what I forgot to write about yesterday.  During 2012 we have spent an amazing year deepening our etheric, internet and phone based relationships, and many of these relationship go deeper than people we know in our physical lives.  As we were in the last weeks of December, all I could feel was spirits desire to take these relationships to the next level, in person connecting, loving, experiencing.  This has always been an earth based game. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 6 January 2013

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Walter Russel – The Secret Of Light – 6 January 2013

264314_2298250936373_3263922_n“As servant of Mind, electricity gives moving form to the idea by performing the work necessary to produce it.”The Secret of Light by Walter Russell, page 114

“Electricity is forever winding light up into hot spheres, surrounded by cold cube wave-fields of space, and likewise sequentially unwinding them for rewinding. While winding them into compressed light masses, they are simultaneously unwinding to a lesser extent. Conversely, while unwinding they are simultaneously rewinding to a lesser extent.”The Secret of Light by Walter Russell, page 124 Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Sun’s In You, It’s Time For The Quantum Leap! – 6 January 2013

4550460379_0d35e94d35_zWe’re One big consciousness fragmented into billions of different beings, fractals of Creation. As fractals we already embody -in all our bodies- all of Creation. It’s already what we are, no need to do anything for it to happen. It is and always will be. The gap is only between knowing it… and being it. Continue reading

Lucas – Being True To Who Your Are – Your Heart – 6 January 2013

a-brighter-tomorrow-269x300Being afraid of who you are and what you do is not in the furthest a thing that brings you anywhere but only in a setting of doom and gloom and depression. We are hard on our selves and even project our selves onto others to see how it looks and then we can criticise,  argue and attack over that what you protected, but what is really you. Strange, isn’t  it.

Also we let our thoughts be our master. Thoughts of  things, situations, humans,  that let you doubt or do things without feeling it to be your own choice.  It is that ego mind that still gets onto your shoulder wanting to make you your mind and not YOU. Continue reading


Lucas – Everything You Want…………- 6 January 2013


Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – 6 January 2012

holdingbackWhen you engage the force that creates worlds—when you allow that force to engage you—that is when things start to pop in your world. It’s not about whether you have wanted enough, or asked enough, or whether you have done the right things, or if you are worthy. None of that matters. It’s all in this business of allowing, or not allowing, the force of life expansion to flow through you.  Continue reading