Christina – Dream The New Dream In 2013 – 6 January 2013

white-rosesToday I chose to walk the grounds of this exquisite forty acres of land where I rest my heart each and every day. I found a dozen small white rose bushes next to an adjacent plot with a tennis court. After I gathered the tiny white roses I arranged a floral nosegay bouquet for the dining table. This imbued the entire room with light and an aroma of love.

The white roses beget the spacial tones of a finer quality of love. The fragrant essence of the nosegay fills the air and winds its way to the inner well of white heart love.

Here we are, open and ready to welcome white heart love. After all we have been through, after all of the weary miles we have traveled, we find our selves right here in the heart of white fire love. Many took the took the leap of faith and found themselves in the heart of white fire love.

We wonder what this white fire love has in store for us, and yet we already know. Love that does not bind, does not have wings, and offers no attempt to capture, or contain. White fire love burns until its embers turn into Cosmic Bliss.

White fire love burns inside every heart. Create a cauldron and fill it with white rose petals and flood it with blissful cosmic light.

All the stories, mythes, predictions and old tattered matrix of 2012 is gone, gone gone.

Dream the new dream in 2013.

White Fire Love, In the Heart of the Flame, Christina Fisher, 2013 / link to original article/ / link to article

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