Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Vast Of The Vast – 6 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

What do you feel when you feel Me near you? Do you feel Me holding you, stroking your hair perhaps, My hand wiping your tears, smoothing your face, letting you know in the simplest ways possible that I am always with you? How simple it is that I am near you, as close to you as close can be. I can only be your Friend. Feel My Presence now. Feel the warmth of My love waft over you right now. Feel the touch of My hand and the warmth of My heart. Beloveds, you are anointed with My love. It is love that smooths your brow. It is love that makes Us One. Simple simple is Our love. As I embrace All I embrace you, so does your heart embrace All. All becomes One United One. Love is Our bond, and yet there are no reins. Love is free to embrace the All of One.

No one escapes My love. There is no one outside of My love. I am the Totality of Love, and so are you, My beloved. So are you. You are the love of My heart Who loves and entwines love across the stars and beyond the stars and beyond anything you ever dreamed of. The Vast Universe that you are acquainted with is a drop in the bucket. Ah, the love We share, the love there is, the Vastness of Love that sweeps you up and carries you right to My heart and therefore the Universe beyond the Universe that you know.

Even within your present awareness, you do not yet have a full acquaintance with Vastness. Everything is vaster than you can conceive. I tell you that Vastness alone is. Infinity is the Vast of the Vast. Eternity is the Vast of the Vast, and, yet, Infinity and Eternity are not long, not long at all. In Eternity and Infinity, there is no long or short, and that is the short of it, beloveds. There are no measures in that which We name as Eternity and Infinity, Infinity and Eternity. There are no markers. The same as Myself, they are unbounded and therefore cannot be defined. What words could possibly hold the wonder of Vastness beyond Vastness? What hand can possibly hold them?

When I speak of Vastness, I mean Vastness. Vastness is greater than without borders. Without borders doesn’t say much when it comes to Vastness.

We cannot even call Vastness a Pool of Love. Well, of course, We can call it anything We want, yet no pool can encompass Vastness. We can call Vastness an ocean, yet an ocean, as vast as it is, is but a spoonful. Of course, there are no spoons in Vastness. There are no rules, no gallons, no kegs.

Vastness is Fullness yet, there is no fullness to Vastness. If Vastness could be filled, it would not be Vastness. What can possibly contain Vastness but a vessel, a chalice perhaps, a grail. No, not even a Holy Grail can hold Vastness. All you can do is swim in Vastness. There is no shore to swim to. There is only Vastness to be immersed in.

Here’s the story. You have always been immersed in Vastness. There is nothing else for you to be immersed in. You cannot be contained any more than Vastness can be contained. Your light is vaster than the light of the sun, and the light of the sun is vast, yet you are Vastness Itself imploding and exploding in the light of itself.

You have thought you were a forty-watt light bulb. Think again. No, stop thinking. Embrace Being. I cannot say it is the Vastest of All because Vastness can only be Vastness.

Vastness is bigger than a mountain. Vastness is even bigger than love so far as you deign to accept love. Vastness has no limits whatsoever. Nor do you. /  link to original article

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