Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – 6 January 2012

holdingbackWhen you engage the force that creates worlds—when you allow that force to engage you—that is when things start to pop in your world. It’s not about whether you have wanted enough, or asked enough, or whether you have done the right things, or if you are worthy. None of that matters. It’s all in this business of allowing, or not allowing, the force of life expansion to flow through you. 

You hold the key to allowing completely in your hands. No one else can enter into your thought process unless you allow them to do so. “No one else can make you feel inferior without your consent”, a wise woman once said in your world. And so it is with the utilization of Source Energy in creating your life forward from here.

Your relationship with Source has to be the #1 thing. You cannot let your relationship with others take primacy over that. It has to be more important than your relationship with your kids, your spouse, your country, your social class, your weather, your environment—anything that you can imagine is going to limit you, you see.

Every other person here in physical form who has ever thought thoughts, and built them into beliefs, and passed those beliefs on to you, did so from a limited physical perspective; thus they are limited and limiting. And we know some of those people have intended well, and in fact have served you well at many times, but still, you cannot allow those relationships to take primacy over your own relationship with the Source of All.

Source is formless—that’s why.  And when you are reaching out, stretching out, becoming more, with Source at your side filling your sails, you will go amazing places and do amazing things that will go beyond your imagination. Source already knows what those other people did, what they thought, what they believed…that’s old news.  What your Source wants to know is what will you become next, and next, and next.

Your human relationships, and the relationships you have with your world, society and environment will work themselves out perfectly when you allow Source to manage it all for you. Source is, after all, their Source too. So let off on the reins. Give Source its head and watch where you will go.  It is only you that is holding back your own life. Let go and watch the momentum build and the magic flow.

~Twelve /link to original artcle


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