Lisa Gawlas – The New Sun-Earth, Divine Counterpart Manifestation And So Much More!!! Holy Cow Batman!!! – 6 January 2013

sun-earthOne of the things I did not mention in my sharing yesterday about the information that came out of meditation really needs to be shared.  So I will kick off this sharing with what I forgot to write about yesterday.  During 2012 we have spent an amazing year deepening our etheric, internet and phone based relationships, and many of these relationship go deeper than people we know in our physical lives.  As we were in the last weeks of December, all I could feel was spirits desire to take these relationships to the next level, in person connecting, loving, experiencing.  This has always been an earth based game.

So, at the very end of my meditation I asked about all this, about traveling and stuff and how this will work out (at least in my world.)  My team mapped out some power dates to utilize, spring equinox, summer solstice and the fall equinox.  I already have plans on going to Northern Idaho for the summer solstice   Last year I attempted to hold a “Gathering of Empowered People” here in the Jemez and at the very last-minute, it just fizzled out.  I really think we were a year ahead of our time, because in my meditation spirit said to start Here.  In going over the details (this is where the information really became interesting and surprising  of what we would do, spirit said Be together and let the moments take you to where you will go.  I was trying to get specific in creating time together… ceremonies and such and spirit said we would only be pulling from what worked on the old earth… which is no longer valid on this new earth.  There was a time all those old ceremonies were once new… and it is time for us to create new things, new ways of gathering to reflect this new earth.  It is the only way to fully use the new energy field we call earth.  Otherwise, we keep pulling ourselves out of the new and back into the old.  For some, they are so aligned with the old they have no desire to experience the new, even if unconsciously.  The things that make you go hmmmmmmm!

As I have come to realize, a good conversation about things can take you into directions you never thought to think about.  Those conversations push on you (in a good way) and open what I am going to call “codes” of understanding to take you further.  This very thing was triggered this morning reading a reply in the comments section by Laura (thank you sooo much Laura.)  Even tho I had no plan on talking any further about this (my freaky Gangnam Sytle import of my mentor)… with what I am understanding now, I have to.  Especially since I woke up thinking about it, and already felt Laura replied to my reply… sure enough, she had.

Divine Counterpart Energy.

I have talked many times in this past year about there being triggers to open portals of energy, portals that will allow us to travel within it to one another, especially within our divine counterpart interactions.  I have this deep deep feeling that I accidentally stumbled on a trigger to open a portal of travel.  The sad thing is, it just happened spontaneously… god forbid spirit gives us blow-by-blow directions!!  Geez!!!

The way I am feeling, there had to be an emotional connection to the song Gangnam Style, more than likely enhanced by the love he has for his daughter.  When we bond with children, unconditional love knows no bounds.  Perhaps that is why it was so important in that spooky instance to go to his facebook page, so I can (eventually) connect the dots.

When I seen him the moment the song was over, he looked just like something out of a star trek show.

beam me up scotty

Very molecular just like in this image… and very human.  I have a feeling, if our relationship in this current moment would have been anything other than estranged, and I welcomed him instead of being so shocked and closing out the energy… maybe…. we would have discovered that energetic portal to travel by.  Maybe??

I have realized, some teachers never cease teaching, at least not from the soul level.  But, from what I do understand about Divine Counterparts, that is the way of it.  The bond is forever, just like the bond with our children, the unconditional love within us.  Even if the human mind wants to say and think something differently.

If this, if HE is my do-over, I am going to scream!!  I want a back up plan, thank you very much!!

Holy shit, now here is a thought to ponder.  We all hang out on earth because of the gravitational pull to source (earth.)  What if, these travel portals require the same gravitational pull.

Another thing we talked so much about thru 2012 was the magnetic field of attraction amplified and condensed as we breached 2013.  I know that one of my strongest desires is to be partnered with my divine counterpart this year.  What if, that moment in time, listening to Gangnam Style created the confluence of energy to create the opening.

I have a special song with my grandson, it is called Wild Thing by the Troggs.  When I hear it, my heart opens up so wide and so filled with love, that I could literally be pulled away by the feeling, the remembering… and freely go.  What if, in that very moment, someone else I was connected to opened up their heart frequency… the magnetic pull would be so strong that you would have to merge in space and time.  The pull of gravity of pure, unconditional love.  It is what keeps us here, Gaia’s love for us.  Her love for us is stronger than our love for each other (for now, obviously this is changing big time.)   Imagine if we matched her unconditional love with others….

Maybe that is why, even thru a decade of silence, Marc has always been prevalent in my times of acceleration/growth.  He just shows up and won’t go away until what is needed to be extracted from his energy field (those codes) is completed.  I have always loved him as unconditionally as I do my own children and with this unexpected New years present, the frequency of Love has got to be equal, even if denied and put away somewhere deep inside.

But, I state again, loud and clear… I WANT A BACK UP PLAN, thank you very much.  Even if it takes a year to get to the energetic connection that I obviously still have with Marc.  Dammit!!

I wonder if we can just skim thru a do-over and pick up the pieces/codes we missed without literally having to interact on that stage again!!  I suppose…we will see!

Now to completely change the subject…

The last two readings of yesterday completely took me by surprise…. in a very exciting way.  The one thing that my last reading showed us is something is moving within the new Light of the New Earth.  Pure white light energy with movement happening within it.  I still could not see thru the light and I could only relate it to seeing a 9 month pregnant lady and watching the movement of her belly as the baby moves inside of her.  You cannot see the baby, just the movement… same with my lady.

Life is stirring!!

But it was my second from last reading yesterday that really sparked my interest.  The moment her field opened up, there was this huge bright sun like in all the other readings, but with her, the sun was still just very slightly rising over her western horizon and SHE was walking on the sun.  She is the only person in 8 readings (in two days) that was in my field of vision.  I could see her biology walking from on the outer circle of the sun.  Her image was about a quarter way up the sun (starting from the left, representing the present moment moving into the future.)  She was dressed in a sun dress (how fitting) and it was made of the pastel colored energy I had seen my team placing in my heart the day before.

It took me a long minute to fully understand the significance of what we were witnessing, but, low and behold, we got it as she talked about what she was doing now.  During the last quarter of 2012 she took classes in energy work.  She is now practicing with vivid results that very work.  The rest of her family that she asked about was still very much in the brightness of the rising sun in their collective lives… but not her!!

I really don’t know fully what it all means, but boy oh boy I could feel the excited energy from every aspect of her Field.  She is working with the powerful energies available to her and the whole universe rejoices and supports her totally!!

Even that thought brings another thought, actually, a vision.  What is this new earth we are now living upon?  It is not like any earth we have ever experienced before, that is for sure.  But the visual I currently get takes this to a whole other level of interaction.

Going back to the theme of Divine Counterpart energy, there had to be a way shower to release all that is now available to us.  The greatest lovers in this galaxy has always been the sun and the earth.  The masculine and the feminine.  What took place in december, which was a lifetime in the merging… was the Holy Union of earth and sun, expressing as one energy.

Which now makes sense of why with my lady walking on the sun, she seemed to be on solid ground and yet, on the radiance of the sun.  Two combined energies now in a Holy Union of Oneness… the love affair became consecrated at the end of the year.  And those of us aligned to the unbiased, unconditional love of Life awakened on the new sun-earth in our new bodies.

For the last few months of 2012, I had consistently seen January being our learning ground.  Learning how we walk, how we work within this new construct which gives way to February.  There is a fullness that takes us into February, perhaps better stated, an awakened mastery.  We will spend January opening new codes, exchanging understandings and energy and really start to use this new landscape for all its potential.

In the line of synchronicities happening almost at the speed of light these days… I have been seeing the color scheme of February very much like a creamsicle (vanilla ice cream mixed with orange sherbet … I have said the word creamsicle so much the last month that I actually had a hunger craving for that flavor ice cream, which I have not had in many many years.  When I went to the local convenient store yesterday to replenish my perishables (milk, eggs and stuff) they had one carton of ice cream in the freezer… I had to smile so big when it was creamsicle ice cream.  You know I bought it and smiled sooo wide!!!  I delightfully consumed the energy of February!!

Ohhhhhh… there is another thing I have started to understand.  I pray I can find the words to make it as understandable audibly as I understand it within.

Our Energy Fields!



If you can look at this picture and the double torus that is shown, you can see the entirety of your created landscape within it.  All the energy within your heart is powering up what I call your inner field.  Everything you think, feel, do, say energizes the inner field of creation… this is where your created reality begins and ends and where the new gravity of your life emerges from.

What you feel so strongly about in your heart, in your inner field, is exciting the outer field energy.  Opening up energy packets if you will.   What is not shown is what the inner and outer field is connected to.  Now imagine you conjoin the image above with this image of the magnetic grid of earth:

magnetic grid


Your excited energy from what I call your outer field is connecting to the frequency of the magnetic grid of earth, pulling to you the very energy and experiences you are exciting (energizing by your core feeling within.)

There are trillions upon trillions of Light codes embedded within all three areas, when a particular frequency is hit, a complete resonance, that is when the experience happens.  Your aligned gravitational pull brought it to your manifested reality.

Now, to take this (simple) understanding one step further (cuz I am seeing it) all over this planet and actually so many other planets too… there are what we call DNA strands, codes held in various biological forms that are aligning to each other as well.  Holy shit… I just had freakin wonderful realization…

I have talked about the Love Frequency so much too.  Especially since it was one of the first teachings by my Plieadian friend named Franklyn back in 2001.  I have his channelings about all that here.

When we are completely aligned to the Love Frequency, that is where the magic begins.  Our hearts, our outer field/landscape and the magnetic grid of earth all resonate and pull from the love frequency… when we are in full and complete alignment with that frequency it is where we not only start to see the synchronicities play out in our lives, it is how we travel to each other.  It is what creates the opening of so many portals… travel is just one.

It is not enough to say I love that person or this place… it is a feeling.  A feeling so strong, so alive, it collides in the fields of matter as expression.

I need a bath!!  I am going to close on that note… for now.

((((HUGZ))))) filled with wonder and excitement!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The Soul Gym will be opening up on Sunday January 13th at 8am MST.  Our first topic of conversation… COMMUNICATION.  To fully access and open the energy of the Love Frequency, we must first know how to communicate with that energy.  Phew baby, I am soooo excited!! / link to original article




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