Lucas – Being True To Who Your Are – Your Heart – 6 January 2013

a-brighter-tomorrow-269x300Being afraid of who you are and what you do is not in the furthest a thing that brings you anywhere but only in a setting of doom and gloom and depression. We are hard on our selves and even project our selves onto others to see how it looks and then we can criticise,  argue and attack over that what you protected, but what is really you. Strange, isn’t  it.

Also we let our thoughts be our master. Thoughts of  things, situations, humans,  that let you doubt or do things without feeling it to be your own choice.  It is that ego mind that still gets onto your shoulder wanting to make you your mind and not YOU.

If you truly remembered you came upon this earth with a mission. You have no need anymore for that what is still bringing in things that where in the old paradigm important as things focussed on your mind as the center.  All that mind control is what has inclosed you into what we call the matrix or the veil of duality. All duality you have been raised in as a child, all that you have been taught, all that is said to be truth you had to act upon by religion, by culture, by patterns, by dogmas  is not anymore you.

It is you that seeks YOU this moment in time called the NOW. You need to be truthful of where those thoughts, your directions and insights come from. Are they from your ego, or all that mind control over your lifetime. Are those thoughts maybe not you. You can only be that what you have been before you made the choice to come here upon earth and that is :  Unconditional Love and Unity with all and in all.  You find your Self in your heart center. It is truly that what you are and it is connected, if you find it, with our creator as we are reflections of creators creation.  If you see that power that is within you and makes you being the real true you, there is no need for anything else anymore outside of you, or thought by your mind as things are now first of all relaid and felt by that what is you:  your Heart.  You are unity, You are all, You can control your own reality and You are Oneness.

So acknowledge your true self.  Open and activate your heart and see that all already changed and is changing as we need to lay with our manifesting thoughts from the unconditional loving heart our new foundations of our new earth.  You will know to c0-create from love and see unity as your base to make all things happen from. Real equality is now that what will be here for all. There are no limits no boundaries anymore as unconditional love has none and unity is about inclusion without separation. Letting you be you with all and in all in the now.

light-up-heart-pillowWhat only is needed is you acknowledging your true self.  See your the glory, the power , the love and the creator that YOU are. As reflections of the One you have all that is all. You have already all that is needed to make things happen. Just unleash yourself and be free in that new true self.  Let those shackles be , let your heart be your guide and you again. Just feel that what is true. It is.  Be your heart.

Love and Light,


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