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Lucas – Being True To Who Your Are – Your Heart – 6 January 2013

a-brighter-tomorrow-269x300Being afraid of who you are and what you do is not in the furthest a thing that brings you anywhere but only in a setting of doom and gloom and depression. We are hard on our selves and even project our selves onto others to see how it looks and then we can criticise,  argue and attack over that what you protected, but what is really you. Strange, isn’t  it.

Also we let our thoughts be our master. Thoughts of  things, situations, humans,  that let you doubt or do things without feeling it to be your own choice.  It is that ego mind that still gets onto your shoulder wanting to make you your mind and not YOU. Continue reading


Lucas – Everything You Want…………- 6 January 2013


Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – 6 January 2012

holdingbackWhen you engage the force that creates worlds—when you allow that force to engage you—that is when things start to pop in your world. It’s not about whether you have wanted enough, or asked enough, or whether you have done the right things, or if you are worthy. None of that matters. It’s all in this business of allowing, or not allowing, the force of life expansion to flow through you.  Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – The Battle For Our Minds & Hearts – 6 January 2013

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Monster Charged Particles Coming From Our Galactic Core – 6 January 2013

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Krista Raisa – Orion Council Grand Canyon – 6 January 2013

Uploaded on 5 January 2013 by Krista Raisa Message. Pleiadian speaks to friend.
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Judith Dagley – Current Energy Forecast – A “Hit Of The Day” – 6 January 2013

judithdagleyCurrent energy forecast–The new lightness continues, lovely for those who choose to notice, still too subtle for those who do not–but the choice NOT to notice is beginning to require more muscle!

Today, for example, I went to the birthday party of a friend I have known for a very long time, but rarely see anymore. Oh, we still love one another, it’s just that when I stepped into a multidimensional paradigm of being a few years back, our paths…”converged,” shall we say? So, I’m at this big party with all of HIS friends, none of whom share MY path, and you know what? Even though they “knew nothing” about the recent energy shift we have experienced (and they probably didn’t want to hear about it, either), they apparently didn’t HAVE to, because they were feeling it and expressing it nonetheless! Continue reading