Ron Van Dyke – The Battle For Our Minds & Hearts – 6 January 2013

Uploaded on 6 January 2013 by paradoxman316

Yes, I thought the battles would be over once we crossed that threshold of the alignment. I was wrong. Even though I have moments when I can sense the energetic shift, I can also sense something that seems much more sinister. I’ve also become more aware of the mind control techniques being used on the populace. We are quite literally being bombarded by microwaves and other frequencies that may not be as supportive of life as the natural rhythms. Of course this includes cell phones and other wireless communication technologies. Some even suggest that those using these frequency technologies have the ability to implant actual thoughts and manipulate feelings and emotions. Are some channeled messages produced in this manner? I’m not sure, but there does seem to be a battle for our minds and hearts happening.

(Lucas : I am sorry Ron you feel you need more than your newly won connection to all that is in the unity field and from your heart via unconditional love.  You need no protection just shifting from the mind into the heart again.)

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