Walter Russel – The Secret Of Light – 6 January 2013

264314_2298250936373_3263922_n“As servant of Mind, electricity gives moving form to the idea by performing the work necessary to produce it.”The Secret of Light by Walter Russell, page 114

“Electricity is forever winding light up into hot spheres, surrounded by cold cube wave-fields of space, and likewise sequentially unwinding them for rewinding. While winding them into compressed light masses, they are simultaneously unwinding to a lesser extent. Conversely, while unwinding they are simultaneously rewinding to a lesser extent.”The Secret of Light by Walter Russell, page 124

The positive electric condition compresses the large volumes of light-waves into small volumes by winding them up centripetally into spiral vortices by thrusting inward from without. That is what gravitation is.

The negative electric condition expands small volumes of light-waves into large volumes by unwinding them centrifugally into voiding equators where matter disappears. That is what radiation is. Radiation thrusts outwardly from within to depolarize matter and void motion.

The light of suns and the dark of space are but two opposite conditions of the same thing. They interchange constantly. Each becomes the other sequentially.

A New Concept of the Universe by Walter Russell (pg. 4)

Thanks Walter Russel and Zack G Covell


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