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Lucas – Back To School – Learning To Create And Manifest – 7 January 2013

backtoschoolOh boy what a ride we’re on.  People are still or in 3D or 4D, disoriented or disillusioned or even do not see the vibrational level at all and or are waiting to create from a 5 D  level.  Everything is already in 5D but we are needing to manifest it.  Yes, we do.  So school started just now again for all in the new year.  Learning to create and manifest. Continue reading


Bill Ballard – Feelings About Projecting Our Thought And Emotions About Our Future – 7 January 2013

Uploaded on 7 January 2013 pearls2u So Mother Earth HAS Shifted into 5D while much of humanity is still 4D. As wayshowers and so many of us being heart activated and holding so much higher power and LIGHT that manifests so very readily in the 5D Field… Please be careful with the postulates you make because of your current thoughts and perceptions of waking humanity. My dream is to ascend Mother Earth (which has already happened) and the collective of humanity, which will ascend the rest of this universe and multiverse… Lets be aware of what our statements into the field do and keep holding our highest light and energies which will make all this happen sooner, or later… depending on that we manifest, individually or as the collective… ha… LOVE!

Bill Ballard – On 5D Earth Watching Manifestations Of Those Still In 4D – What A Hoot – 7 January 2013

Uploaded on 7 January 2013 by pearls2u So we are in 5D Earth while so many persons are still playing 4D/Ego trying to legislate their principal based morality upon others, and wondering why they have so much anger, frustration, fear and anxieties, which they themselves are creating. First of ALL, you cannot get to 5D heart activation and ascended mastery by focusing on principals. Principals are perfect for an individual to live their own life by and be a shining lighthouse for others to be guided by, but you CAN NOT legislate your perceptions of morality upon another and “think” you are in 5D… Ascension simply does not work that way and you will NOT find your way to heart chakra activation doing so… Only realizing you change the exterior by changing your own interior, shifting into your heart will you change your illusion and remove the dramatics and negativity from your life. Others dont do this to you… giving you your negative feelings… YOU ARE DOING THIS TO YOURSELF. Others cannot change you, nor can you change them. In 5D you would not want too either, as you simply have compassion for the learning experiences the rest of the world must go through for their personal ascension mastery… Be LOVE!

Lisa Gawlas – Manifesting Your Heart Desires Thru 2013 And Then Some!!! – 7 January 2013

rainb-heart_There is just so much I want to share today, I don’t even know where to start.  So I think, I will just continue on from yesterdays sharing.  I left off talking about the Light Codes and the three fields that need alignment to fully open the potential of those codes.  When I closed my blog yesterday, the story kept revealing itself in detail in simplicity and application. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – The Holiday Lull Is Over, The Fascist’s Days Are Numbered – 7 January 2013

benjamin_fulford_3The fight to over the world’s financial system has been in limbo over the new year’s holiday but big moves are now being made by various players in preparation for some upcoming decisive battles.

In the US, Obama’s regime, in a show of bravado to hide fear and desperation, has announced it will issue trillion dollar coins, confiscate American’s guns, murder and imprison Americans without due process and eliminate term limits so Obama can be made dictator for life.

Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Are You Waiting For The Life Of your Dreams? – 7 January 2013

DanaMrkichSomeone asked me recently how long I had to wait for “the life of my dreams”.  This question made me think about the topic of waiting, particularly in relation to ‘the life of our dreams’. How many people are waiting for not only one thing, but many things to happen, before they feel they can be truly happy and consider themselves living the life of their dreams?

For myself, the journey toward feeling a sense of real inner happiness and outer fulfilment has been a long one and one that is ever continuing and evolving. At the risk of using a spiritual cliché, it is very much one that most definitely started on the inside before I could manifest certain things on the outside.  One thing I know for sure is that the external aspects of my life that mirror what my inner dreams were for many years, aren’t a simple product of time passing by and patiently waiting.  Constant inner and outer movement forward rather than waiting, was key to allowing myself to receive some of the most important things that were ever present on my constant ‘What I want my life to look like’ annual lists including a soulmate relationship and making a living doing work that was in alignment with my life purpose. Continue reading

NASA Now Say No Solar Peak, Quietest In Century – 7 January 2013

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Visionkeeper – We Are All Snowflakes… – 7 January 2013


We are indeed all like snow flakes. There is no one person that is the same as anyone else, just as there are no two snow flakes the same. One snow flake can only change its immediate environment with just itself, yet a whole host of snow flakes coming down together, can change the environment in a big way. We are all different as well, all individuals with passions and skills all our own, we use them to get ahead in our lives, but when we join them together with others, we can make a very strong impact in the world. We are now operating within the realm of 2013, not only a new year, a new age (Aquarius) but think of this as an era which is the first of its kind. A new year in a new paradigm unlike ever before. Human consciousness is exploding and people are coming alive again, beginning to feel and experience life on a whole new level, as if they were thawing out from a long cold freeze. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Cosmic Rays Decreasing – 7 January 2013

Uploaded on 7 January 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – On Target – 7 January 2013

Bullseye21-300x144The solar system of which earth is a part of is fabulously pulsing its way toward the light of a different order, changing everything and inspiring an evolutional leap that is natural within the great schemes of things. This soon to be experienced light is of a cosmic order, and though you cannot see it from your current perspective, it is propelling you into auspicious moments of illumination and self-realization. Gaia (planet earth being) has evolved into phases and spaces that will elicit a practice of deepening to live from your internal core of truth and authenticity this year. For that reason I thought I would dedicate today’s column to some basic information on going from 3D to 5D, or third dimension to fifth. Continue reading