Benjamin Fulford – Update – Subject : Can Canada Survive Stephen? – 7 January 2013

benjamin_fulford_3Subject: Can Canada survive Stephen?

Happy New Year, Ben

With appreciation for all the information you publish.
You are the Oasis in the desert.

I have shared a few reports with a few friends and one
person wanted to get your perspective (and that of GDS) on
the “situation” in Canada with Steven at the helm.

Here are her comments:

ask him to provide considerably more information about the
Canadian situation, namely, Stephen Harper’s systematic destruction
of this country (Ben’s homeland) and WHO and WHY SH is doing all
this? Also,  the White Dragon Society position on Canada and
what can we do to stop this   fascist state? We are also very
interested in hearing what Ben has  to say about the “Idle No More”
grassroots movement which is growing quickly  to a worldwide phenomenon.

Lastly, in the Spring, Ben mentioned that he  would be
contributing to some Canadian publications (by Fall 2012) with
information – but I have not heard any follow-up to that since.


I sent her the following as a partial understanding of the “WHY”:

As to “why” SH is “doing all this”.  My guess/opinion, is he
has clawed his way to this top position using every means
he can think of… look at his political climb route.
(From wiki:)

Harper has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for the riding of Calgary
Southwest in Alberta since 2002. Earlier, from 1993 to 1997, he was the MP
for Calgary West. He was one of the founding members of the Reform Party,
but did not seek re-election, and instead joined, and shortly thereafter
led, the National Citizens Coalition.[2] In 2002, he succeeded Stockwell Day
as leader of the Canadian Alliance (the successor to the Reform Party) and
returned to parliament as Leader of the Opposition. In 2003, he reached an
agreement with Progressive Conservative leader Peter MacKay for the merger
of their two parties to form the Conservative Party of Canada. He was
elected as the party’s first non-interim leader in March 2004.

Reform party… Canadian Alliance… Con Party of Canada…
minority govt….parogue Parliament TWICE to get his way.
Did I miss anything?

Somewhere in this “climb” he seems to have ingratiated himself
with the PTW… his name appears on a recent list for the
Committee of 300:

That little club seems to be at the pinnacle of all the other
“secret” groups such as Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations etc.

So he had done SOMETHING to win that approval and get that reward.


Perhaps you have other insights into the  “WHY”.

Not sure what she meant by “WHO”.

Your comments appreciated,

Dear C.
We are all appalled by what has happened to Canada under Harper. He has ruined the efforts of decades of diplomacy by blindly allying Canada to the Zionist terrorist state of Israel.
He is also a war criminal because he allowed Canadian military participation in the illegal war of aggression against Libya.
My understanding is that he was put in place by the Bush Nazi (National Socialist Zionist) faction. Harper is just a small cog in a larger plot to create a fascist world government controlled by members of a single extended crime family.
My understanding is that he will be removed from power once the overal financial battle is over in the US and elsewhere. However, I urge patriotic Canadians in the military and the police to take judicial action against this criminal without
waiting for the rest of the world to do it for them.
As far as the Canadian publication is concerned, I was asked by the top editor of a major Canadian daily to write articles for them but they told me that  heavy duty pressure was brought to bear on the paper’s owners to prevent than from happening.
My heart breaks to see what is happening to Canada but at the same time I realize that Canadians are a very decent people and for that reason a criminal government cannot make a big difference no matter how hard it tries.
We must all do what we can to make sure these scum get their justice.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Fulford

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