Bill Ballard – On 5D Earth Watching Manifestations Of Those Still In 4D – What A Hoot – 7 January 2013

Uploaded on 7 January 2013 by pearls2u So we are in 5D Earth while so many persons are still playing 4D/Ego trying to legislate their principal based morality upon others, and wondering why they have so much anger, frustration, fear and anxieties, which they themselves are creating. First of ALL, you cannot get to 5D heart activation and ascended mastery by focusing on principals. Principals are perfect for an individual to live their own life by and be a shining lighthouse for others to be guided by, but you CAN NOT legislate your perceptions of morality upon another and “think” you are in 5D… Ascension simply does not work that way and you will NOT find your way to heart chakra activation doing so… Only realizing you change the exterior by changing your own interior, shifting into your heart will you change your illusion and remove the dramatics and negativity from your life. Others dont do this to you… giving you your negative feelings… YOU ARE DOING THIS TO YOURSELF. Others cannot change you, nor can you change them. In 5D you would not want too either, as you simply have compassion for the learning experiences the rest of the world must go through for their personal ascension mastery… Be LOVE!

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