Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In The Silence Of The Heart – 7 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Steeped in silence, love stands supreme. Steeped in silence, there is nothing to disrupt the love that you are filled with. In silence, your heart is strong. Your heart beats in the rhythm of the silence of My heart.

In silence, there is no entanglement. In silence there is no ego to tear your heart. In the silence of the heart, peace reigns. Peace is absence of ego turmoil.

In less than silence, you feel you go solo in the world. In less than silence, you rush to be a star in the seclusion of your world. Ego is so far from the Truth. You already are a star in the Universe. You strain to capture a prize when you already shine like the stars. You get out of breath from all your struggle to attain what is already attained. You wear yourself out running, running, running.

You are not meant to run out of breath in the world. You don’t need to run. Recline a while. Recline into silence. Absolve yourself from strain and incompleteness. You are already complete. What are you racing for? What carrot are you chasing?

Pause, and come sit with Me. We shall recline and look straight into the reflection of Our eyes. We shall just sit and look into Our eyes. We take a rest from formality and endeavor. We sit on a veranda. We look out at the Heavens. We enjoy the sky, and we enjoy the sights. We enjoy everything. Being is everything. We enjoy Being. We have nothing to hustle for. We have Being to enjoy. There is nothing to do but to enjoy. Let Us enjoy our closeness. Let Us enjoy doing simply as Being. Let Us enjoy the canopy of life in the world as We sit contained in the ever-shining light that We emanate. All that We see is an emanation of light from Our hearts of joy, rich in the silence of sweet enduring love. We are complete. We are It.

You can get up and return to work but not to the hurly-burly. Our hearts beat slowly and graciously.

Time does not exist except as a mythical playground. And so We play whatever games We play, yet full knowing that Our hearts enjoin in peace.

Peace is a beautiful green pasture. Wherever We may roam, it is a green pasture. All Our surroundings are within Us. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow all the days of Our lives, yet, in the world of peace We live in, what possible need of mercy is there? We stay in peace. Where Our hearts are, therein lies peace.

You are the presence of peace on Earth. You are the entranceway to peace on Earth. If there were a doorkeeper, you are the doorkeeper. As it stands, there is no door to keep. There are no doors. There is only the silence stirring in the stillness of love. That love is Ours. It is always Ours. We do not just hold hands. We do hold hands, yet it is Our hearts that hold allegiance to beauty, love, peace and all the adornments in the world that contain them in order to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven Which is on Earth.

What are you doing is no longer your question. What you are being already is done. You are My blessing on Earth. You are My infinite blessing. You are My Name on Earth. You are My silence covering the world with silent light, silent as love, silent as light, not night at all.

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