Lucas – Back To School – Learning To Create And Manifest – 7 January 2013

backtoschoolOh boy what a ride we’re on.  People are still or in 3D or 4D, disoriented or disillusioned or even do not see the vibrational level at all and or are waiting to create from a 5 D  level.  Everything is already in 5D but we are needing to manifest it.  Yes, we do.  So school started just now again for all in the new year.  Learning to create and manifest.

We see those still being 3D thinking and living duality and those that have totally missed the shift into the higher vibrational level we are already in.  Manipulation, control, power, negative attraction and abundance in ego is what is spread. The negative and emotions and ego and duality is created by your own doing.  Some bang enough their heads into that wall to wake up and see the way is out of their duality, ego and head thinking and finding their way into their heart connection.

We see those still in 4D having the awareness already to see things are not what they are and acting already a bit from heart and intuition, but still shifting back to mind and ego and still finding the way into 3D solutions and options for a 5D world and human kind.  The need to learn to be fully connected to the  heart and have it activated,  opened and living from that point from being totally in line with the unity field from unconditional love, will bring those into 5D.

We see those in 5D now being searching for their form and tool how to create. It is all available to them but has its complications in still the old forms that are in a way standing in the way of your creation in 5D vibration.  There is only creation that is felt from the heart that can be brought into manifestation or form you have given it.  It is difficult at first as all is a school of learning, also for those in 5D. It is creating without “concept”. But visions and form must be clearly directed and visioned. The power  and fullness of your connection to the field of 5D while creating and manifesting is what makes  when  things manifest.

See it as you as a child learning first to ride a bike.  Hold steady by an adult to keep you safe while riding made you learn. Till you had it  learned and you could be let go of.  You now had your first own bike ride your self without help.  The difficulty now is , this help is also you, as things are for most a new experience. Do not let you fool by anyone. All are students and teachers at the same time on this earth.  We are all one remember.  We are going to learn the new as it is for most of us all a learning or re-learning process, remembering. Be clear in manifestation:  make it so or it is so and it is done.

If you want something than bring it forth in a positive manner or vision not in a negative.  If you want peace, say peace is here in the now, and not, we need to stop war. The whole manifestation business is about perception. (Co-)create things from the right perception and  that is 5D in the moment of now.  Do it from your core that is unconditional love and united with all in all as one.  If you truly want something than skip expectations as they are not helpful. Bring forward the manifestation without “negative attachment”,  “any doubt”, “should”, “believe” , “could” or “maybe”, or “hopefully” in any way connected to this.  Know al is and will be manifested in the now. Let your manifestation by really from the heart, let it go and  find its flow into the field of expansion and manifestation.

I would be great to connect to others to envision or try to manifest in really 5D what we want.  Myself and others have already started a few months ago to set up new platforms towards 5D creation, c0-creating, c0-funding, idea shaping and realising, making dreams real into real 5D. We only can bring things forward by doing so and if we do it with greater groups of like minded humans.  We have had envisioned the portals to open and our wish to bring everybody through to this stage in having 5D as their new home has come true. We accomplished this together. And only by doing so we can bring things into existence on new earth.

As what we will bring forward will manifest.  We will eventually learn to move mountains and do great things but now it is important to get our focus on 5D creation and not going back to 3D. The faster we understand this, the faster it will become 5D reality and not a illusionary thought that still hangs in the air and brings just no or a temporarily  solution. We need to create new ways to make things happen for us in 5D not the old ways over again in 3D thinking transported into a 5D field. By the way that will not hold long and  disintegrate and collapse as it is no longer viable in 5D.

So see it all is just learning to shift, learning to (co-)create and manifest things in the now from unconditional love  from our hearts and from the unity field.  The tools, knowledge and talents,  we have already or we  have to remember we have or re-learn.  We all are expanding further into 5D and will get eventually the creational flow of things  and our expressions will be flawless without effort.  So get learning. There is no wrong anymore. Get out of and let go of mind, 3d, ego and duality, get from being aware into being awakened into your heart and make that transition to live from your heart connected to all that is.  Only this school is  an autodidatic one. You (re)learn yourself.  You have to do it even with others all by yourself.  Support you can have, but you need to make the choices and transition into real 5D living and creation yourself.

Love you all. Be the creators you always have been waiting for as your the ones already here in the now,  be love in action,

Love and Light,



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  1. Hi Lucas — This is the focus of my entire blog at this point in 2013. Last year my focus was on envisionng together. Currently, I am focusing on our acceptance of our new 5D realm and educating readers regarding how to recognize these more subtle states of awareness so they can anchor them and expand them in daily life. Check out my three most recent posts. Thank you for all you are doing to help folks wake up into our new paradigm.

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