Meredith Murphy – Message From The Council Of Light – A Strange Beautiful Time – 7 January 2013

MeredithMurphyIt is a strange and beautiful time. You sit in our own energy, yet everything is unfamiliar.

There is a knowing not to worry, to let yourselves be.

If you wanted to push through this fog, the body will hold you back–it needs this time of transition. 

You are almost too tired to notice what has changed. That’s okay. Gaia is finding her way also as the light from beyond this biosphere continues to stream in, transmitting codes and uplifting humanity. You yourself have summoned this light, this experience and at a soul level your innermost wise sentience know this and trusts.

For those of you who are going about your day with many activities and arrangements in place, with lots of structure to your life, try to identify beneath this. See that you do not let the structure and activity be your meaning, your sense of self. Reach into the unknown mystery within you and recognize the deeper level of activity and presence.

Your lives are being made over. It’s a shambles in there, much like any renovation in the midst where the old is torn and tearing down and the debris is accumulating and being cleared as quickly as possible. There is perfect trust in the chaos if you listen. The Earth and all life here with her know the order of what is being created.

Bless the wisdom of he continuum of your being for participating in this here and now. The magnificence of this experience is a thrill to you on all levels. The unique pathways of each soul family are organizing, to signal, locate and find one another…so that you might reunite the light you collectively carry.  You are a key that opens information and light within you is multifaceted connecting and interfacing with multiple steams of existence to transmit intelligent ordering and extend creation.

Do not rush yourself through this time so that you might have a smooth and graceful ignition in your new bodies. It is so beautiful what you are all envisioning with your hearts and your cherished ideals. Far more than we hoped for already and yet so much to play with and revise.

As you steadfastly go through your days keep this in mind: you are not alone and you were made for this. Now you are being re-made for the game has changed.

We are with you in love dear sisters and brothers.

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