Poem By Jazz – Journey Of Awareness – 7 January 2013

awarenessThe Journey Of Awareness

On this bumpy ride
that takes you far and wide
still serving the heart is where I reside

Taking no prisoners
not even my self
and the belief & need of wealth

I hold the strength of a nation
within me are thousands of cells
casting the most amazing spells

Breaking the chains
dispelling the pains
and the psychic mental drains

Much for us each to do
to learn to be true
and I must include me
I know, I see

Dusting the ideas away
and accepting of come what may
I slip and sway
to the rhythm
and release to the madness of the highest vision

Trusting as I step one foot in front of the other
that this flow is about to uncover
something that is smother
a true mover
a soother
for the soul
synergy of each cell
completely whole
and as they swell
and procreate
and divide
and multiply
that I heal
and reveal the appeal
of the seal
of this journey within and without
and the idea of the mountain in front you can surmount.

Jazz ~ Listen to your Nation Within

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