TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Tree Of Life – A Story – 7 January 2013

Tree of life 2A young guy walking on the land saw a tree. Thinking of what he learned about being connected with all and thus being able to communicate with all, he thought it would be nice to share his experiences with the tree standing lonely in the field. As he approached it he started talking to it asking permission to come close and share his energy field with it. The tree agreed with joy.

“I came to share my experiences with you, would you like to see what I saw in my life?”

“Sure, I would feel blessed by your gift.”

The body went closer and embraced the tree, as he felt comfortable he started bringing to his mind all the images he loved from his life. The sea and the waves, the mountains and the snow, vast fields crossing the countries, big cities and crowds of people running in a hurry to go nowhere, animals from nature and from zoo and from books or tv. He showed the tree his life paths and experiences with love, hate, fear, hope, friendship, sharing and loneliness.

As he looked at his sharing he suddenly felt guilty. He was showing a tree what is is like to be able to move, see other landscapes, other parts of the planet while the tree would never move from that one spot in the ground, in the middle of an empty field.

“Oh I’m sorry tree, I did not want to make you sad!”

“Sad? Oh little man the only way I experienced sadness is through your feelings. All what you shared with me was new as it was seen and felt with your own Heart but new it was not at all. My roots are in the ground and my branches in the sky, the world is not a mystery nor are it’s seas and mountains, it’s valleys and skies. People have thoughts and thought live enough for us to feel them, and so does all that comes from man or animal, plant or sky… Little man you need to travel to see the world where we need only to touch the breeze. What you don’t see is all that is and all that is is everywhere. We need to go nowhere to be everywhere. We are blessed beyond measure.  Go in Peace young man and come to us if you feel lonely again.”

The boy stepped a few yards away from the tree in awe, what he thought could sadden the tree in truth made him sad now, for he was the one that never saw, needing the prove of it to believe, needing to touch, smell, talk to feel… he suddenly realized that all he thought to have achieved is indeed already in the Nature of all things.

Being connected is not a goal to achieve, it’s simply remembering the Nature of All. link to original article

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