Visionkeeper – We Are All Snowflakes… – 7 January 2013


We are indeed all like snow flakes. There is no one person that is the same as anyone else, just as there are no two snow flakes the same. One snow flake can only change its immediate environment with just itself, yet a whole host of snow flakes coming down together, can change the environment in a big way. We are all different as well, all individuals with passions and skills all our own, we use them to get ahead in our lives, but when we join them together with others, we can make a very strong impact in the world. We are now operating within the realm of 2013, not only a new year, a new age (Aquarius) but think of this as an era which is the first of its kind. A new year in a new paradigm unlike ever before. Human consciousness is exploding and people are coming alive again, beginning to feel and experience life on a whole new level, as if they were thawing out from a long cold freeze.

I have often wondered why we were all created differently other than to keep things from being boring, but now I can see how each and every one of us has something to offer the world during this time of massive change. All of our skills are needed to be successful in our completion of this shift of paradigms. No one person can do everything, but millions can. We all have ideas to add to how to save the world, how to create an alternative world, how to defeat the dark ones, how to bring like minds together. Together these ideas are beginning to gel into the blueprint of what the new world will be like. This is why it is so critical that we all learn to think in positive ways, that we all become loving and compassionate beings. Every thought or action we have or do affects the world as a whole.

I think one of the biggest changes we are trying to undergo right now is our new way of both seeing and living in the big picture now, not our small individual universes we called home. Those small worlds were selfish and closed-minded, they were created from me, me,me thoughts, everything centered around our little worlds, who we were, what our standing in life was, how we could climb higher. Those days are gone! Think of 2013, this brand new age, as one in which we now center on discovering what truly matters in our lives. Rip up your old priority lists and begin new ones and as you begin to rewrite it, do so with the whole in mind. How will what I strive for or do affect the whole of humanity for the better. Everything in our way of life from here on out is for the betterment of the whole of humanity.

One day in the near future we many learn how to astral travel to far away places in the blink of an eye, but for now we are practicing up for that by going places in the blink of a thought or an action. We travel endlessly far and wide when we begin to live our lives with concern for mankind not just ourselves. When we think this way, we are in fact traveling all over the world by living our lives with concern for the well-being for others. We are now becoming true universal and multidimensional beings. Welcome to the new world of 2013!

Blessings to us all,

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