Visionkeeper – Waiting To Be Of Assistance – 8 January 2013


2013 is here and I think we will be seeing our purpose for being here pick up speed. As the old paradigm begins to disintegrate quickly beneath our feet, the newly awakened who are beginning to question the old way of being are now desperate to find new ways to keep the foundation beneath them together. They are now sensing and slowly learning about the lies they have been spoon fed forever and their whole world is beginning to unravel. How well we all know! They are scared and feeling very vulnerable and are in dire need of finding answers to all of their questions. We knew this time was coming and now it is upon us. The world is falling apart in the sleepers eyes and there is panic, and yet the new world is strong with a solid foundation, but they are not fully aware of it, they just know they need something that works and quick! It is our time to come forward and guide the hopeless to the new world.

As the truth of the old paradigm tumbles out on a daily basis and people begin connecting the dots, they realize they can no longer trust the world they have been a part of. Minds are popping open all around the world and people are seeing the reality now of the world they are being held captive in. They are shocked at first but then that gives way to fear and eventually it forms into anger, and the world is growing angry and restless for a change. We do not need a bunch of fearful, angry, out of control people exploding all over the place. We need calm and focus on where we need to go and what we need to do. The dark ones are hoping humanity will rise up so they can put everyone in prison for final total control. We must not allow this to happen. This is why we are here to guide the way out of this chaos and into the light of freedom.

Please impart this message wherever you go, wherever you see the opportunity. People must know there is HOPE, there is something better coming and anger will only delay what we all desire. People must see first and foremost that anger is what the dark ones are counting on. To become angry and out of control will play right into their hands and seal our fate. People NEED to know this! I see this as the most important phase of our mission right now aside from being in our hearts and staying in the light. We must avert mass chaos at all costs! I wish there were one website that had recorded all circumstances as to the hows and whys of how we got to where we are today, the stories of the dark ones rise to power, the financial implosion, the corporations take over, all of it in one neat website they could go to for answers.

I think for the most part we have all gotten over our 2012 let down because we now can see the bigger picture that change really is in progress and we truly are now part of a new world. It is time gather up all of our knowledge and begin spreading it far and wide so people are able to grasp the importance of waking up! Not only do they need to wake up, but most importantly they need to understand WHY they need to wake up!!! Along with this awakening we also need to hold in our hearts and vision, people waking up. See them suddenly having ah ha moments, see them finally getting the message, see them hungering to know more and see them being willing to change! We are creating what we desire don’t forget and we want this process to speed up and complete itself!  We now have our new assignments to be of assistance and so it is time to go forth and do what we do best! Carry on troops.

Blessings to us all,

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