Selacia – New Year Message From The Council Of 12 – 9 January 2013

SelaciaIt’s a new year with new energies, even if you don’t yet feel them. Chances are, you may even be having moments wondering if anything has changed since last year – so many things in your outer world looking the same. Indeed, though, 2013 does hold a new energy and vast potential for positive movement in your life.
2013 – Great Promise for a More Loving HumanityThis year holds great promise for a more conscious and loving humanity. This new reality is possible because of a very long cycle of awakening across the planet. You are a vital part of that process. Throughout countless lifetimes, you have been developing qualities such as kindness and patience, waking up to your true potential. In this current lifetime, you have experienced many struggles and opportunities for growth. As you met them with courage, you developed an inner reservoir of strength and determination to complete what you were born to do this life.

As a divine changemaker you are awakening to your true power to create a life of passion, joy, and purpose. Regardless of how far you feel you came in 2012, you indeed progressed by leaps and bounds. Trust this.

During these initial days of 2013, it’s helpful to be more present-time focused so that you can optimally observe and respond to subtle shifts in energies. Looking back at expectations you had in 2012 can prevent you from seeing current things as they really are. Likewise, being future focused, you can miss seeing signposts and opportunities only grasped in the moment.

2012 and 2013 in Perspective

The year 2012 was associated with an accelerated waking up and an intense desire for a brand-new type of world. People had a whole range of notions about what would really happen by year end, and what now would look like. While it’s true that the cycle ending in 2012 was a marker point for humanity and the shift to a more loving world, it’s short sighted to view what occurred in a linear way. Black-and-white thinking will lead to disappointment and dilution of your enthusiasm.

You must endeavor to keep your enthusiasm and your passion alive – to have the inner strength for the path ahead. Your emotional responses to what’s occurring in the now will have a direct impact on your thinking, and potentially your actions. If you feel sad, honor that sadness but then work with it skillfully to let it go. If you feel angry, recognize the anger but do not allow that anger to impact what you say or do next.

This type of skillful energy management is crucial for thriving and living in joy during 2013. It’s an inside job – meaning no one can do it for you. Of course, you can receive help from outside sources, reaching out for assistance from healing tools and energy clearings from skilled practitioners. In the end, though, it is your responsibility to fully use the assistance you receive and to remember in the moment what you have learned about energy management.

Resolutions for 2013

If you have made resolutions for 2013, refer back to them from time to time to keep yourself on track. Avoid, however, looking at your progress with a linear yardstick. Allow for flexibility and adjustments over time. If you are hard on yourself, you won’t get to your goals faster. Go gently.

The most powerful new year’s resolutions involve intentions to remember and connect with your true nature – which is love. As you and others do this, sharing love with others, a more loving world is catalyzed into being.

As the new year begins, intend to observe and experience life in a deeper, more spiritual way. Invite your higher self to show you new approaches to your life and to connect you with new members of your spiritual family.

Your Spiritual Progression

Acknowledge that much has shifted within you this past year, allowing 2013 to hold new promise. To continue your spiritual progression, regularly invite spirit to show you what else needs to go. You are a work in progress, after all, discovering your gifts and abilities while becoming aware of what remains in your way of success. Awareness of these things, indeed, unfolds more easily when you let go of resisting the natural process of evolving into your authentic self. Trust that this is where you are headed, and be okay with what is in the meantime.

How you begin something sets the tone for the rest of that thing. Your beginning energy matters, whether it’s the start of a new day, new month, or new year. With the first days of 2013 now unfolding, consider how you are starting out energetically. Remember that you can change direction at any moment by shifting your focus and intent.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2013 by Selacia
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