Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – Sanat Kumara – 9 January 2013

ValerieDonnerNewSanat Kumara Transcription – 12/21/2012

Note: Sanat Kumara is the planetary logos for the Earth and is its primary overseer. He is responsible for the ascension of the Earth and Venus. He is also known as “The Ancient of Days” and “youth of endless summers.” He is from Venus and has assisted humanity from the Light Realms perhaps longer than any other master.

Greetings. I am Sanat Kumara. I greet you from all of the Masters who have walked the Earth before.

Congratulations to all you for your diligence, hard work, and determination, to reach this point of Light on 12- 21- 12, a pivotal point.

We know that it is easy to put Masters on a pedestal. I want to remind you that the Lightworkers present now on the Earth are on our radar. We know your lives have been challenging. Most of you did not want to leave the comfort of the Light Realms to come back to the Earth for another incarnation. You knew it would be a challenge. Most of you didn’t have the best of childhood’s or the easiest relationships. You’ve worked hard, studied hard and many of you have spent hours contemplating life, sitting in therapists offices, growing and thinking.

You have read countless books and faced numerous challenges. You have loved and have known uncertainty. Many of you resolved to never come back to the Earth. Some of you thought that unless you did come back you wouldn’t be able to live with yourselves. You’ve looked at the skies longing for contact with your space family, wanting to go home. Most of you never felt like you’d spent a moment before on the Earth yet you are still on the Earth. You are stronger than ever, and JUST as determined to see the Earth shift as you wait and experience curiosity in the consciousness as it gives birth.  It is because of you that we have been successful in reaching this illustrious state.

We have picked the crème de la crème of Light Workers. You have borne the brunt of many things that need to be changed in order to honor the Earth for this process of illumination. You’ve had to forget many things so that you could remember things that you had forgotten. This is a process of perhaps remembering those who had known things before you.

You had to lose what you had… and many times you could not even understand your dreams, wondered about family members, and how you even GOT to the Earth. You struggled through childhood and followed a general path or patterns that most humans are encouraged to follow so that you could come to this very junction of timelessness, in the evolution and change that is happening now.

From birth until now all those years of therapy are paying off because you’ve made monumental progress, loved and healed all of it. Who could have thought that you have stood up as representatives for the Light Realms? You are coming into a time of remembering who you are, truly, who you are, along with your ability to use the gifts that you have, as well as to expand and reach out.

You are the reason that the Earth is Christing. You are the crowning glory that our Creator and we in the Light Realms counted on you to preserve the beautiful Earth. You have made it possible to honor the all and to live in peace and glory, the peace and glory that you were promised 2,000 years ago.  It has not been easy and if you would believe all that you hear in your media, you would think that it could still be a questionable thing.

Each one of you are a part of the Divine Plan and all who taught you what not to do have done you a favor because of now. It was said that “The meek shall inherit the Earth,” and this is you. I wouldn’t necessarily call you meek it’s just that you were wise and careful about speaking up and sticking your necks out to use your gifts. You will be using your gifts that the Creator chose to give to you.

So we celebrate today the members of our team who’ve helped us. Are you ready to go about doing more of God’s business to rejuvenate the Earth? You are champions for the Earth. We’d like to call you citizens of and for the New Earth.

There are missing pieces in the history of the Earth that will be discovered, and today, with all of you and all of us, we’re going to help you call forth the opening for truth and the Light. There are many secrets from the archives in the Catholic Church that can be shared and that would be beneficial for all of humanity. So I ask you to open your minds for this to occur. I am also activating of all the Light Codes within your bodies as well as within the Earth. This includes the activation of all of the other sacred places where information is kept. Can you feel it as I call forth the activation of the Light Codes now? This is being done in the power that I am. I’m going to be silent for a few minutes as this activation is continued so please continue to breathe in; breathe in the Earth. You are still integrating these energies so give me just a little more time. (This was at least 10 minutes.You can also tune in and receive this activation in meditation with Sanat Kumara.)

Do not be surprised at how much truth and Light is going to come. How are you doing?  We’ve been monitoring your progress and I am so pleased to say “Congratulations for all that you have done.” You are now more connected with the Earth and the Light Realms than ever before. We are going to be working more closely with you heart-to-heart, as well as in your consciousness. You will be more empowered than ever.  You are going to be pleased and happy with the New Earth that we’re all creating together.  Please know that I speak for our Creator that he/she is well pleased.

I am Sanat Kumara. I will say goodbye for now. I love you all, dearly. link to original article

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