Wes Annac – The Root Of Establishing A New Paradigm : Coming Together – 9 January 2013

059smallWhen actually looking toward the Creation of a new paradigm and the establishment of a sovereign humanity based on the concepts of peace and collective harmony, I like many others see that there is much work to be done.

We can point to the biggest problems facing our world at present and it is pertinent to do so, to raise awareness of such things. So many aspects of this world have run rampant and are out of control and yet, you will find the most Lighted of vibrations upon the surface of this Earth if the necessary positivity is employed, as this positivity will answer to and transmute negativity not just on a personal level, but a collective level.

We can look toward the biggest problems and we can as well, look to the root or core of what’s causing and feeding these problems. What answer do we find?

In most instances, we find that the Earth collective has remained complacent to the unjust acts continuing to be fed on this world, and those who are suffering from these acts continue to experience things that no soul should have to experience. We see that most people are too stuck in their conditioned Lives and beliefs, and the plight of the poor and suffering is ignored and for some, not even known of in the first place.

What a lot of people don’t know is that along with coming together to bring exposure to and repair the biggest problems facing our world, we can actually answer to the mass negativity ourselves by radiating our positivity out for the entire collective consciousness to benefit from. It has been discussed so many times that we are Creating our reality and that the collective energy determines what happens on the world stage, so why have we not began to rally the rest of the world to come together?

I am seeing in my mind’s eye, so many things we can begin doing to formally introduce (even more than we already have) the concepts introducing the New Paradigm we wish to build and achieve. I see video projects, campaigns, further protests against tyranny, further social networking campaigns promoting awareness of the falsities perpetrated unto our society as well as the existence of our inner-realms of infinite intelligence and understanding; and so many other potential things.

I ask you to join me (and plenty of others who are pioneering this work) in calling for everybody to begin understanding the importance of waking-up to the reality before their eyes because, despite the negative things that have been and continue to be manifested and fed on this world, the realities we can find by turning within and allowing our minds to merge with our hearts will show us that the actions of the cabals in continuing to orchestrate humanity’s feeding of division, separation and hatred on a mass level will no longer have any bearing in the higher states of consciousness our planet has returned to.

Even the cabals who are not apparently “contained” know that the time of their influence is up, yet they continue to remain in denial while harassing people with influence who openly speak up against them. (1)

What we need to introduce to the entire collective of humanity is that beyond the purposeful orchestration of a lower dimensional reality meant to seem concrete and unchangeable, lay realms of perception beyond what we would perceive as possible and in these realms, humanity is infinite.

Everything is infinite in the realms of higher consciousness, and we will find enlightened souls from all different planes of consciousness as well as different planets and Galaxies who have themselves reached the higher states of consciousness humanity as a collective is reaching.

Truly, nothing can stop us from reaching the realms of full consciousness we have already begun to anchor unto ourselves, and I am of the belief that this will become apparent in the future; be it in this already-magical year of 2013, or at another time. No matter what, the resistance against tyranny and the knowledge of infinite realms and technologies beyond the current perspective of humanity will prevail and the Forces answering those who would keep us down physically, financially and spiritually, will only grow in number and influence.

The greatest thing about this movement is that it’s not limited to certain beliefs. You don’t have to believe what I do about Galactic beings or the specifics of their contacts with humanity, to agree that a New Paradigm is essential to be initiated as we have identified as a sovereign collective that the way our world has been run is not the way we wish to Live, as a collective or as individuals.

We will continue to spread our Light and the truths of the higher realms we are finding within ourselves, and the entirety of humanity will begin responding to the initiation of the natural and necessary New Paradigm.

Won’t you join us in Creating it, and increase the already-strong momentum?

Wes Annac – Feeling inspired by the truths of the realms of spirit.

(1)-Bill Brockbrader, Tila Tequila and comedian Katt Williams would be good examples of this.

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