Bill Ballard – Come April 15 Just Say NO To The Controllers Wanting Your Money – 10 January 2013

Uploaded on 9 January 2013 by pearls2u Begin the Drive NOW for April 15 and saying NO to the IRS! Many persons are trying to find ways to bring the Old System down. The use of Money is one thing keeping that Old System in power. If you want to really change this system either quit using money or on April 15 get everyone in America to file tax extensions to the illegal IRS thugs. Take your money out of Illuminati controlled banks. Find out what businesses and corporations the Illuminati owns and quit feeding them. Expose it all to everyone and help them to realize they are helping to continue funding the same system that is making their lives so difficult. As a collective we will have to stand up and say no… That always begins with self and what we do as individuals. Together we have the strength of the ONE… Alone we are weak. Above all, Be LOVE!