Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Because Of The Illusion Of Time – 10 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Relationships are a bit like Godwriting itself. You never know what I’m going to say, and so you never know until I say it. You never know how a relationship is going to go straight, or swerve, or go back around again. Relationships are always moving. There is no staying still in a relationship. There are surprises ahead, and, sometimes, astonishments. Relationships may bask in the sun for a while, and yet, relationships get up and move along. Relationships are like ships that sail the seas. Relationships are sea-going adventures. They don’t stop at port forever.

I speak of all kinds of relationships, family relationships, teacher relationships, good friends, romances. They all take their winding turns. They all take their own flight. Some grow closer. Some grow apart. Some grow and grow and fulfill dreams. Some begin, and some end. Alas, some relationships spit fire at each other. All relationships are in process. Matches are made on Earth, beloveds. In life, relationships are always worked out on the ground. A match may have been thought of in Heaven, yet it is on Earth that it is clinched.

Relationships do not seem to soar without the couple’s participation. Pretty much relationships grow together on Earth or break up on Earth. And who is to say whether that is right or not right. Perhaps whatever is is right right now.

Nor is it true that the path of true love is steep. It’s just that it winds and curls around in various ways.

Is love only spontaneous, or does love grow and come to be? Everyone knows that falling in love is not the whole story.

Human lives are quite some novels, wouldn’t you say?

A baby is born. What a nice connotation the word baby has. The baby grows and becomes a young boy or a young girl. Then a teen-ager. Then an adult. Then the baby has babies. Then the parent, like the parent before, becomes gray-haired, and, then, before you know it, the grandparents are on their way back Home. And so it goes, one wave of life after another, all on a voyage on the Ocean of Life. One page turning after the other, and nothing the same. All is being altered as We go along. Yet, remember, I go with you.

Because of the illusion of time, all this occurs. It is repeated how many times and never the same and you always want to read more stories. You think you live them, yet it is more like you read them or see them as a movie occurring before your eyes.

How little in the world is there to hold onto, and, yet, how tightly you hold. And how you won’t let go, even when you know whatever it is has already gone. It has slipped by. It has gone somewhere somehow. Unbelievably, a fish has swum away. A chapter has closed. Nevertheless, The Book of Life never closes, nor do you ever really exit. The physical drops away and the Radiant One rises.

What is the harm in this, beloveds? What makes any of this tragedy or storm? Why does the world diagnose this as something the matter? It has always been so. It is not a new development. This is how life goes, and this is how life goes on. When all is said and done, the stage play is the same. Minor deviations, yet the same plot. Must this be a shock to you, beloveds? Enjoy your chance on stage. link to original article

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