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Infinite Waters – How To Clear Your Mind – Breathe Easy…Just Be! – 11 January 2013

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UFO Report Sightings – Giant UFOs Cigars Templeton, Australia, Bluehill Massachusetts, Auckland New Zealand – 11 January 2012

report-ufo-sighting2Uploaded on 10 January 2013 by paschalis oto  A compilation video of sightings of Cigar shaped UFOs.

3 Minutes News – The Sun Awakens – 11 January 2013

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Navajo – 2013: In The Clearing – 11 January 2013

100th-monkeyHoly tamale… who made it through 2012 unscathed? Although we surfed the alignment without an extraterrestrial intervention or a worldwide cataclysmic earth event or a monetary breakdown or an extinction level event, we probably didn’t make it through without an extreme shake-up of our material structures, primary relationships and/or initiatory shamanic ego death. The fallout of our emotional debris still needs a bit of clean-up but for the most part lightworkers, we are in the clearing. Continue reading

Mooji – You Are The Root – 11 January 2013

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Visionkeeper – New Ways To Live Your Life – 11 January 2013

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We are now living in a new world and a new era so we might as well begin living our lives in new ways as well.  We are not the same people we once were, so let us not stay stuck in how we used to live! How many people really take time to stop and think about how they are living their lives? The majority just robotically maneuver their way through life. We give such thought to how we look, how other people view us, yet we don’t even think about how we are living our lives and are we doing the best we can be doing. We live on auto pilot where there is no need to give thought to how we are going through life, we just push the button and go until we push it again at night to stop. No thoughts about what we are doing. This way of living needs to end and we need to become more actively involved in our lives again. Continue reading

John Ward – Brussels Scandal : How Corrupt Sprouts Are Killing Children On A Weekly Basis – The Astonishing Tale Of Infant Liver Disease, A Drug That Could Save Sufferers, And A Crooked EC Department – 11 January 2013

dalliDisgraced EC commissioner John Dalli: surreal murderer of innocent kids

Children suffering from a rare liver disease are unable to benefit from a life-saving treatment because the European Commission on Health in Brussels has rejected a product’s marketing authorisation for the last five years. Orphacol – a medicine for treating youngsters born with otherwise fatal genetic disorders – has been denied European Union-wide approval for inexplicable reasons. But the presence of pharmco bribery in the case is becoming increasingly obvious. Continue reading