Visionkeeper – New Ways To Live Your Life – 11 January 2013

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We are now living in a new world and a new era so we might as well begin living our lives in new ways as well.  We are not the same people we once were, so let us not stay stuck in how we used to live! How many people really take time to stop and think about how they are living their lives? The majority just robotically maneuver their way through life. We give such thought to how we look, how other people view us, yet we don’t even think about how we are living our lives and are we doing the best we can be doing. We live on auto pilot where there is no need to give thought to how we are going through life, we just push the button and go until we push it again at night to stop. No thoughts about what we are doing. This way of living needs to end and we need to become more actively involved in our lives again.

We need to be creative and get out of our cold and straight lined left brained thinking more often and immerse ourselves into our right brain flow. It is time to begin living a life that is full of meaning.Well how do we do that you ask? One great way to begin, is to live your life in the same way you want to be remembered for when you die. Ask yourself this question: If I were to die today, how would I want to be remembered by people? The ways in which we want to be remembered are usually things we wish to be. Why put them off? Start doing the things in your life now you feel are honorable and you want to be remembered for, live your life this way. Many people are deeply and emotionally moved by hero stories and they fantasize about how they wish they could do something as wonderful. We can! We wake up everyday to a new day in which we are free to do whatever we wish with our time outside of our work. All we need to do is do it and be it!

It is time to reactivate our right brains, the creative side of our brains versus our logic side. This is where our imaginations can blossom and create wonderful and meaningful lives. In the flat, gray and white lives we live today, we need to add bright and exciting colors and think up new ways of being. We need to get outside of the box and begin pursuing more meaningful lives. Whatever it is you would like to be remembered for in death, go for it now in your life. We can do or be whatever we desire so don’t let anything to hold you back.

A good mission for us now to focus on, especially for all those who secretly long to be a hero, would be to concentrate on applying the pressure to finally get the free energy patents released! We need to start someplace and this is the most important. Why? It’s important because the release of free energy would mean major changes for almost every aspect of our lives. Once change begins to snowball and picks up speed, there will be no stopping it. It is ridiculous to think the only thing standing between us and free energy is just a bunch of greedy, close minded old men and their minions who do their dirty work for them. We can do this, we need to do this, it is imperative we free up our energy sources and set the ball of change rolling. Once rolling there will be no power left to the dark ones agenda.

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