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Visionkeeper – Appreciation – 12 January 2013

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I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about where we are going and how we get there. I am sure many of you who have been here a while know how I like to figure out core issues to problems. We can look at something and see an overall problem and think on it forever or we can spend time dissecting it and looking for the core issue and eradicate that. This comes I suppose because I do EFT and in EFT if you can find the core issue to tap on, all your other issues will fall away after the core issue is resolved. This is how I look at life and it certainly helps to get to the heart of any matter more quickly. I have always thought awareness was a key issue for us to keep in mind and be aware of, but I also think appreciation is one as well, especially our appreciation of choice! Our whole life is one massive choice but how deeply do we honor and appreciate the fact we have choice? Continue reading


Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 12 January 2013

ann albers and lucy the dogMessage from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Take heart dear ones, it is indeed a new year, and a time of spiritual renewal for those who have chosen to stay here upon the planet earth. It is a time when your growth is going to be just a little bit easier if you choose to align your minds and hearts with God, with love, with truth. For in truth dear ones, that is what you are all seeking. You are all wanting to feel more of God’s love in your life. This is where you originated and this is you final destination. Why not include this love in every moment here in your journey upon the earth. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – Manu Aluli Meyer – Indigenous Epistemology – 12 January 2013



Every now and then we have an Aha! moment where the purpose of life and the meanings in the universe seem to align. Manu Meyer has one of these moments and in this video, she hands us the seed, the kernel, the ‘aloha’ of that moment. We are all individuals, and yet, we are all one. We must separate the knowledge we learn in schools from the knowledge that we all share in our combined historic experiences. Please join her and share in this introduction to that ‘Aloha’ moment. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Creating In Duality Or In Unity – 12 January 2013

Uploaded on 12 January 2013 by paradoxman316 At this stage of my life, more and more, I’m realizing that I need to let go of what I think I know and to see the world and Life with fresh eyes. To question what I’ve thought to be true seems to be some kind of requisite to this new paradigm that is awakening in us. Last night in our Spiritual Enlightenment Group, we watched a video by Drunvalo Melchizedek entitled, 2012: the Prophecies from the Heart, which triggered in me a willingness to consider a slightly different perspective. He said that when we create from duality, with the mind, we always create in pairs of opposites. If we create something we would call good, we also get something we’d think of as bad. However, if we create from a heart of unconditional love, a heart of unity, we can create only that which is good. Hum. Something to think about here, and I’m asking myself how this feels.


Zen Gardner – A Time For New Beginnings – 12 January 2013

NEW-BEGINNINGS-3By Chautauqua, Contributor


It has been said that most people only embrace real change when the pain of remaining the same drives them to it, or fate leaves them no choice. I suspect that applies especially so here in the Western hemisphere where we have been programmed for luxury and bought off with shiny possessions for as long as I can recall.  While we have been professionally distracted these last couple of years with everything from Twilight to competitive taxidermy, major portions of the rest of the world have been engaged in some fairly significant change, as the pain of remaining the same reached intolerable levels. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – Judge Dale On The UCC FIlings, And Further Info – 12 January 2013

shacklesI asked Judge Dale to please take a moment and review the UCC filings we  have been posting from The People’s Trust and to give us his comments on them in simple language for my readers.  This is his response(s)- I added one small note, which is in this colour purple. D

Dear Dee,

This is basically an:  ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS TO ESTABLISH A FOREIGN JUDGMENT visa vie the UCC [UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE] against all corporations and corporate agents claiming to have standing; authority and jurisdiction over a Sovereign American National of the Republic.  The process also establishes damages against those entities for actions taken without establishing proof of implementing regulations and their standing; authority and jurisdiction. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Diamond In The Rough – 12 January 2013

8084700Welcome to the beginning.  We are here by choice.  It is no accident you are reading these words.. You’ve been hearing them whispered for so long now, just beyond audible.  Maybe you’ll recall them here.

What is it you are straining to hear?  Truth.  You’ll know it when it arrives.  For so very long now we’ve looked at oneness as if it has something to do with the other.  Yet all is One.  The “other” is not possible.  It was always about you. Continue reading