Ron Van Dyke – Creating In Duality Or In Unity – 12 January 2013

Uploaded on 12 January 2013 by paradoxman316 At this stage of my life, more and more, I’m realizing that I need to let go of what I think I know and to see the world and Life with fresh eyes. To question what I’ve thought to be true seems to be some kind of requisite to this new paradigm that is awakening in us. Last night in our Spiritual Enlightenment Group, we watched a video by Drunvalo Melchizedek entitled, 2012: the Prophecies from the Heart, which triggered in me a willingness to consider a slightly different perspective. He said that when we create from duality, with the mind, we always create in pairs of opposites. If we create something we would call good, we also get something we’d think of as bad. However, if we create from a heart of unconditional love, a heart of unity, we can create only that which is good. Hum. Something to think about here, and I’m asking myself how this feels.


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