Sophia Love – Unopened Packages – 12 January 2013

5348987We are further along on our Quest for Agape.  It is different than before.  Last year as we journeyed there was a definite date, a marker, a moment that may have meant our journey has been completed.  With that day over, now what?

We like things in nice, neat packages.  We can wrap our head around them when they are presented that way.  This is not that sort of Quest.  It ends in 6 days here, yet there is a depth and there are layers – each journey uncovers just a little bit more.

We cannot know the expansive and glorious intent of Source without an open and free heart.  We must be willing to risk everything to discover the plan.

You are so much more than you know.  These bodies, jobs, chores and lives are just vehicles for exploration – they are not answers.  Answers are found beyond them.  You must be willing to step into discomfort.  Once you are there, with every sense tingling, your eyes will open wide.  Images, ideas, thoughts and feelings enter then – all of them new.  Do not be afraid.

This is a journey of the heart, the most intelligent and powerful organ you have.  It would not lead you astray.  It knows where agape resides.  It is found in you.

Dare to imagine yourself, naked and new before your eyes – bathed in nothing but love.  See every inch, know every thought, remember every deed – and be.  Just love.  There is no place else to look, no one to hide from, nothing to hide.  It is you – just as you decided to show up.  Perfect.

The answers exist or there would be no questions.  For you are love – snippets of Source in human suits.  “What you don’t have, you don’t need.”  You know the solution before the problem is given voice.  Just listen.  In the quiet you will find what you seek.  The wisdom, the teacher, the guide – is you.

The holidays are over yet the most extraordinary package remains.  It holds boundless love and looks like complete acceptance.  Open it.  You are the one you are waiting for.

See you tomorrow.


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