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3 Minutes News – M Flare – 13 January 2013

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ActivistPost – Susanne Posel – Manufactured Cyber-Attacks On Banks Validate One World Currency – 13 January 2013

ap-pnc-bank-free-checking-4_3_r536_c534-300x225PNC Bank has issued warnings to 5 million customers that high volume of traffic is a type of cyber-attack meant to slow down their servers. In an effort to block the “attacks” PNC Bank has accidently “blocked access for a small percentage of legitimate customers for an extended period.”

The email from PNC stated: “A number of banks in the U.S., including PNC, are seeing an unusually high volume of traffic at their Internet connections. This volume of traffic is consistent with threatened cyber-attacks on the U.S. banking system.” Continue reading

David Wynn Miller – Quantum Grammar Seminar September 2012 – 3 Of 25 – 13 January 2013

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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Allow You First! – 13 January 2013

j0439454-685x1024Guest: The other day I was about to grouse at the Universe about stocks, cars, money, business not coming like I want… and before I got the first line out I realized I only have me to complain to. If it’s really all me, all my projection, my creation, there’s no one else to complain to. If all I have to do is change my thoughts, beliefs, and actions, why do I keep waiting for Spirit to tell me what to do? What on earth am I waiting for?

If you will listen to yourself you will see that you are maintaining a sense of separation there: You and Spirit. You and God. You and the Universe. You and ___________ (fill in the blank). Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Even The Birds Dig The Music Of The New Energies – 13 January 2013

Uploaded on 13 January 2013 by paradoxman316 Before the meeting last night with Steve and his group, then going out to hear the Buskers play again, I posted a video of a Bluegrass Band on my Facebook wall during which a wild bird flew on stage and landed on the guitar of the lead singer. He kept on singing, turned his guitar so the audience could see the little feathered friend while he stroked it with his finger. That was amazing; and when I got home from my own amazing musical experience, there were numerous emails with many commenting on that video. I looked at some of them before going to bed for my 2-hour night nap, leaving the rest for later today. This morning I can sense the new energy, as tired as I feel. I think we will experience many things that will amaze us as we also dig the music of the new energy sweeping the earth. [Link to bird video: http://www.dogwork.com/blugrs9#.UPHfYuFR24I.facebook/; link to Buskers audios and videos: http://brevardbusking.org/]

RemovingTheShackles – Judge Dale On CUSIP Number And Foreclosure – 13 January 2013

shacklesJudge Dale on CUSIP number and Foreclosure

*NOTE: I am not a lawyer, I have no personal knowledge of the legal matters of “foreclosure” or “CUSIP numbers” etc…. I am passing this information on to RTS readers for them to research and use as they see fit.  That’s it. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – The Big Electron – 13 January 2013

laura brunoI felt led to go on rense.com tonight, sifted through all the scary stuff and then clicked on this burst of loveliness: a remix of Bill Hicks + George Carlin.

“That, of course, is the great secret of the successful fool – that he is no fool at all.”

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John Ward – Media Hijack : The Spinning Wheel Accelerates – 13 January 2013

John WardThe Slog presents three blinding examples from today’s papers of how objective news reporting and analysis in our media have been replaced by polemic agendas. 

In the post-Christmas period, investors in U.S.-based funds poured $7.53 billion into stock mutual funds while exchange-traded funds investing in equities gained $10.78 billion in new cash. The inflow into U.S. stock mutual funds was the biggest since May 2001, and the $18.32 billion aggregate cash injection into equities funds was the biggest since mid-2008. Continue reading

Spy Agency ( Australia) ASIO Wants Powers To Hack Into Personal Computers – 13 January 2013


SPY agency ASIO wants to hack into Australians’ personal computers and commandeer their smartphones to transmit viruses to terrorists. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Greatest Show On Earth – 13 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

When you think about it, what could be more delicious than life itself, that which human life endows you with? When you think about it, you have a whole range of delights before you. We can begin with the yellow of the sun and the blue of the sky and the white of clouds sketched on the sky. We can begin with the warmth of the sun and such a thing as a breeze. We can begin with your eyes and your ears and all your senses, and what they bring you to experience. Just think of it! There is such a thing as taste and touch and the wonders they do perform. Just think of silence, and of noise, of leaves rustling, birds singing and lions roaring and the bark of a dog and the mew of a cat. Continue reading