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Lisa Gawlas – Our Crystaline Hearts And The Power Within! – 14 January 2013

crystal-heartSomedays, I feel like I am living my day in a the midst of an exploding star… scatter energy everywhere.  The beauty of stars is they are so full of light that when they explode, they are revealing streams of information readily available to anyone willing to connect.  One of my main learning’s yesterday, do not put the words communication and challenges near the same energy stream!!  As with any new project, there is always kinks to work out, and that was soooo true for the Soul Gym yesterday!  We got so much more than we bargained for!!  I have decided to go back old school and keep our chat sessions typed.  Details will be on The Soul Gym website (later) today.  Since we never really got into a whole conversation yesterday, the topic will remain the same for Wednesday at 4:30 pm MST.  Good news is, with the new chat room, it does not matter how much I lag, it does not affect the conversation at all!!  Happy Dancing!! Continue reading


Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – You’re Now In Your Element – 14 January 2013

MeredithMurphyAwakening with Kindred Connections was By Design

So here we are in a new landscape, and together. This is important–that we’re here, it’s new and we’re together. This was our intention, to come into this birthing, surrounded by those we love, who share our awareness of the vision and goals we have for peace on earth, in this lifetime.  In this era.  And so we wanted to be awakening in the presence of one another, to be seen and celebrated and to be in community, with family, surrounded by light and love.  So that we might feel very significantly the connections we are and we have with one another. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Wonder Full – 14 January 2013

pinkhatIt is our fourth day and we are right in the midst of the Quest.  What can we do to guarantee success?  We can love.
Agape is unknown territory.  Solitary bliss without a mind altering substance is not “normal”.  Agape, once discovered, offers accelerated joy, constant peace and a state of equilibrium.  You cannot “rattle” a Master.  All is happiness. Continue reading

Ron Head – You Created The World Your Are Living In And You Will Create The Next One As Well – 14 January 2013


We think it is time to point out to you the remarkable increase in your understanding of the information in your possession.  Things which you have had in your intellect for many years are beginning to make sense.  Things which seemed to be at best mythical are beginning to fit into your world of possibilities.  Your understanding, and we say ‘your’ as in humanity’s, is beginning to broaden immensely.  Information previously hidden is beginning to come into the consciousness of the populations. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Lost Codes Of Shambhala – Part 6 – 14 January 2013

twin-heartsThe Merging and Sharing of Kundalini Energy

After blissful months of learning how to hold and integrate the Kundalini energy through every chakra and every cellular structure of my being, then finally being able to release this wonderful energy from the top of my head, I was I had satisfied my super charged bathwater. Not even close. Continue reading

Wes Annac – SanJAsKa And The Pleiadian High Council : The Torch Is Being Given To You – 14 January 2013

307-smallYou have heard before and know of the density of the collective energy as expressed on your world in this moment, and it has been expressed as well that a few influential aspects of the old energies are still being expressed and fed and that they will easily diminish as the vibrations continue to lighten, now and in the time ahead. This is one reason we ask you not to be in a state of potential fear or apprehension for your futures, for they are and have always been secured. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Galactic And Planetary Shifts – If Your Confused Get Out Of Your Head – 14 January 2013

Uploaded on 14 January 2013 by pearls2u So much has happened since 12/21/12 and the Birthing of New Earth. We have entered levels of magnetics that is altering everything both in our illusion (world experience) and our personal physical beings. It is truly amazing. In this vid I stated I would put links to some of what is happening right now as the system collapses to share with all. See Below:

Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Unity, Oneness And Reality Camps/Pods – 14 January 2013

DanaMrkichOne of my favourite quotes is by Mattie Stepanek, a wise little boy and regular guest on the Oprah show prior to his passing. He said ‘We fight because we are different, but we are not meant to all be the same.’  As we enter the era of what many have called the age of unity and oneness we are starting to experience a greater sense of unity and oneness, however it is manifesting in a completely different way to how many may have expected it to look and feel. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Rising Upwards – 14 January 2013


For quite a while now we have been thinking about and talking about raising our consciousness to match the new world we are now living in. That is all well and good, but we seem to be overlooking something else we need to consider raising. Our standards and values. They are at an all time low right now, beaten down by television shows with little or no morality, overflowing with violence and hatred, no moral messages of hope or concern for the welfare of mankind. We seem to respect no one. With no values of our own how can we possibly value anybody or anything else? It began with the never-ending killing and eating of animals as if they had no value in life. Now we were killing the very planet on which we all live, showing it no respect, not caring if it dies and then we found ourselves killing each other because we had no value for their life as well. This kind of behavior has got to stop before we destroy ourselves! Continue reading

Cameron Day – Shifting Into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On – 14 January 2013

IAMAscension7For about 80,000 years (give or take), this planet has been “infected with darkness,” an infection that continued to grow and grow, encircling the planet in layers of darkness.  The beings that thrived in this darkness called themselves Archons, but I call them ankle-biters instead. Please see the “Never Call Them Archons” article for more details about these beings and how they originally came to power on Earth.  This infection of darkness on earth is why in spite of the basically good nature of most people, evil men (and some women) have had control of the levers of power in religion, government, business, etc. on this planet for so long. Continue reading