AscensionPioneers – How We Create & “The Law Of Attraction” – 15 January 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

How do e create and what is the nature of “the law of attraction”?

Truth is different in different levels of awareness, although there is always the Truth of One. We are Divine Beings who experience through many different options and densities as we experiment, learn and grow! The “law of attraction” varies from the perspective we view it from. This is of course, relative to the awareness of the observer. This is a very complicated subject, while understanding its true nature is in fact very simple when we come from the level of Oneness. In the eternal Truth of One, there is only Existence, and in embodying that, there is only Beingness. In this awareness, there is no desire to “manifest” or make things happen. In this awareness, we also know that we are conscious and Self responsible co-creator Beings, who are only responsible for their own Soul choices and growth. We do influence others, because we are all One, but our decisions are ours, and those of others are their own.

In this awareness, there is an intrinsic connection to everything, for we know that everything is interconnected and intertwined, so there is no “one will overriding another”. We understand free will as a subset of a grander Divine Will, which operates within the Divine Plan of Perfection. With that understanding, we know that all is but One, and that there only is the Will of One. But learning through different vantage points and experimenting with them makes us become more and more Self aware, as we grow on our journey of Ascension. From another (more linear) perspective, there are many different truths and densities, and there … we can also have many different subsets of principles, which are all encompassed within the Divine principles of Creation. From these different perspectives, certain “laws” that we are currently exploring, depend on the point of exploration, e.g. the understanding of “the law of free will” is different in different levels of vibration (current density).

Within Divine Love, Polona

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