Lucas – Game On Or Game Over – Guncontrol Battle – Perception – 15 January 2013

guns-art-of-peaceYes, the last resort measures of control are pushed as the argument created by staged attacks on humans via shooting incidents for weapon bans and gun control are not really working yet. The mainstream  media push the control of guns. But it is not about guns it is just about how to get “The People” out of options and a second amendment that does not have any bearing to it  anymore.  Still people focus on guns as the issue. Yes ,”weapons” (the difference lies in the word, a gun as word has no ill or violent intent to it or has a negative load in meaning it is just a thing) are in my view in all sorts and for all measures not about peace or not for peaceful use.  But if the “Corporate USA” has turned sour and taken over total control to get the fraudulent system of  “corporate USA democracy ” working again by getting people out of power then guns become a weapons issue. People are not gonna think about defending themselves with guns from anything if there is not a threat of total control and a fundamental constitutional issue. 

This corporate USA is steered by ‘non-existing fiat-currency money printed by the FED corporation. Corporate interests of the fraudulent financial system make the rules and the  laws in this “Corporate Democracy” in total disregard of the real constitution and common law and our universal unalienable rights. Almost all politicians and the judicial system are just serving this corporate goal and are paid for their services by the corporation in front or behind the desk. If you know what is happening and see the bigger picture you get to see that change is coming for the better and that was not what you expected me to say here.  Just see if  “We The People” stop obeying the rule of the powers that be there is no power anymore. This does not mean turn things around  by violent uproar or go having your anger turned out on the system that is the matrix falling apart. It  means peaceful means to be used to make clear that things are not going anymore the way the powers that be like it.

For example stop paying taxes to the IRS, get an extension filed and do this with an enormous group of people, that will get things closed down as no money comes in anymore to pay the debt. Get connecting with each other to make peaceful civil disobedience work and connect from the heart to make alternative community structures work that will build new support groups.

But there is more. If you get the bigger picture of the fiction you lived in, you will in my view soon see that things are not really changed on the outside in that way. We have a transition in energies and levels of  perception, and a  brand new vibrational reality since 21 st December 2012. You maybe thought nothing happened, but things have been changing for all of us.  If you go inside and search the real you, you find in your heart the truth. You will get to know you are the creator of the reality you find yourself in. It is changed only by finding the connection to your hearts and to the source.  You can work on activating and opening your heart energy center and there are enough people around  to show you the way, but you are the one that still you got to do it yourself.

We are now in the new paradigm that is existing within a frame of  total unconditional unity and unconditional love in the moment of now totally connected with source. Still we  need to build that new reality together but from a total different perception than all you thought to know or have learned by upbringing, culture, religion, dogmas, patterns, etc. Do not think about it, but get to feel things from your heart. The thinking is over and the feeling now key. You’re the key in all. You have all in you that is needed. You are already all that is. It maybe difficult to grasp or even see that things can be changed in that perception for you, but keep an open mind. If you’ve not already felt that something is wrong in this world and things do not add up anymore, and everything seems not to be what it is then you have not awakened yet and are still  asleep. You maybe thinking change can only be found in your perception of your 3D reality.  A lot of  people who have already made their way into the new vibrational reality are trying to make things work in new ways that are for the highest good of all creation and are founded in unity, oneness, and love and are about co-creating, sharing, helping all with no conditions whatsoever to it.  So I say game over for 3D duality reality thinking and perception and game on for the new paradigm.

I post this article from the Activist Post beneath now as an example of the ongoing struggle for power by those that can not see that things are over.

New York Senate Passes Strict Gun Ban – Activist Post

Last night the New York State Senate passed what is being called the toughest gun laws in the country. The law would ban assault rifles, limit magazines to 7 rounds, and has no grandfathering clause.  The bill still needs to pass the assembly before the governor can sign it into law.

See fact sheet on the NY gun ban below: / link to article

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