Teal Scott – Ego Or Intuition? How Do I Know Whether It’s My True Self Talking Or My Ego Talking? – 15 January 2013

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In this episode of Ask Teal, question addressed is:
“What is the difference between Ego and the True Self? How do I know what one I’m receiving information from and how do I strengthen my connection with the true self instead of ego?”
In response to this question, Teal explains that the true self is the eternal, incorporeal part of you. In other words, it is the source energy which is expressing itself temporarily as the you that you know in this one life. It is void of separation and therefore exists in the perspective of oneness. The Ego is the “I”. In other words, the temporary identity which the source self is “practicing” in this lifetime… which is separate from “other”. She then goes on to explain that as a species, we have become entranced by the physical senses and lost connection with our greater self because of the density of form. And due to this, the ego began to take on a role for which it was not suited. It began to run the whole show. Because of this, the tool of ego is now a tool which controls the wielder.
Teal then explains how one goes about differentiating the voice of the ego from the voice of the true self (intuition). And finishes up by providing some suggestions about how one could go about strengthening the connection with the true self and giving power to the true self so that Ego is a tool which we control instead of the other way around.


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