Visionkeeper – The Bridge Of Courage – 15 January 2013


For over a year now we have been busy building our bridge to the new world. It has been a monumental task but we have stuck with it and hammered away with great determination. It is finished now and the only thing left for us to do is cross over it. Do we have the courage to leave the old world behind and put all of our trust into the new world? Do we dare cross over into forbidden territory and claim it for our own? Have we finally finished listening to the dark ones fearful diatribes and instead prefer to listen to the beautiful music drifting over from the other side? Are we done with the ‘buts’ of why we cannot move forward? Are we done with the thousands of excuses of why we are unable to cross over? Are we willing at long last to shake off the fears constantly being heaped upon us and say no more, I’m crossing over? Well I have news for you, we are already in the new world! We have already crossed that bridge.

Of course we crossed over and sadly we have always been able to for we have always been as free as a bird but we refused to look at the real truth. We have always been free, we were born free yet somehow, somewhere along our journey we began to believe we weren’t. No matter what the dark ones ever try to do to us, they cannot do it to our spirits. Our spirits are forever free to soar and no chains or bars can ever hold them back from where they choose to go. This is the truth that has been hidden from us for so long now. We don’t need to finally be able to gain our freedom, we already have it! The chains and bars are in our minds and in our beliefs. To set ourselves free of them we must free our minds.

If we continue to think in terms of the dark ones and what they have over us then we stay locked into that belief. In doing so we give the dark ones more energy to continue onward.  Unfortunately though, if we continue to give away our power to the dark ones we will have to cross back over to the old world for the new world will not think kindly towards this kind of thinking. To be in and of the new world we must believe in it’s existence and we must honor it with our love and gratitude. We must have the strength and fortitude to say no I will no longer participate in the old world and extricate ourselves. We must be willing to toss the television to the curb, stop buying their poisonous products, stop buying into their manufactured fears and allowing ourselves to feel hatred in our hearts. Forget the dark ones! They are not here in the new world, do not allow them to be a part of your lives any longer. Do not feel hate or fear for them. They are gone and we must keep moving forward.

Blessings to us all,


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