Lucas – Ocean Of Bubbles – A Conversation From My Higher Self – 16 January 2013

bubbletopHello, I am glad we connect that well together. I am you and you are my I AM. For a lot of us it is strange to be that well-connected and realising it is you and therefore I.  But I came to talk to you about all the things happening now and things you have shown me.  I have seen through you  that lots of us are having this month their own moments of truth, their own set aside ego moments, the final let go moments and also the true moments  of clarity in seeing what they are and where they stand in the moment of now. The inside void that lots describe to have felt is just the quietness of the mind not talking  and the connection they feel as a tranquility and a flow in their being now.  It is so wonderful that it all is just coming together so greatly even if we are still often occupied by our minds that wander of back into 3d of 4d reality or issues that are not really anymore important or existent seeing it from the higher perspective that all just is in a flow and is just fine as it is.  I see more and more are connecting to their hearts as they get touched by the streams of  vibrations that come from source and through our own brothers and sisters upon earth that begin to radiate and expand their newly found highly  frequencies.  Yes, you know what I mean when I talk of the feeling of bliss, peace and love, but all so purely felt through the whole being. This is what makes it feels like floating in heaven, flying in cushions of air in an immense see of love and ever-expanding creation.

You know what I say when I speak of a universe of foamy bubbles floating around in an endless space holding each a building block of creation in it to use when connected in resonance. Playful I float as you, my I AM, in between those bubbles with a rainbow of colors that are so strange and clearly of an unknown range of colors that are superb.  I know you recognize what I mean to say when I talk about having 5d creational experience visions.  It is so strange that really all is connected but has not really a concept to it, but also it still is  a concept in a sence only as long as we get our energy of creation in it. This continuous flow of “concepts” bubbling foam can be bubbles that are created and expand and or bubbles that  pop when their field resonance is broken.

That is the free to experience new connecting and disconnecting in oneness of all in an expansion of 5D reality creation. There is only. Things get created in vibrational fields of resonance. Even the bubbles vision  shown to me is as I have been seeing through your eyes observing none existing really. There is only all there is and that is not to be caught in words or images merely we can come close to an explanation in a distant way.  But it made me realize how creating from a vibrational resonance 5D level from the unity field from unconditional love is brought forward.

The connections made through your heart with that what you feel in an image to be will find its intended flow just by leaving it in the field to find its manifesting birth. It  will become that intended manifestation if you leave it in that flow of  the created resonance field.  Creation is different from our conceptual understanding of things  in 3D and 4D. That makes it so strange even to talk about it as it is an understanding you get if you feel deeply what it is that makes things tick in this new reality. Words and pictures can not tell you the story that you all already know but have to connect to and feel. That was what I saw through you, my I AM.

I am so grateful to see all this happening on all these different levels of vibrational reality.  I see an orchestra of vortexes and resonating fields playing the new worlds greatest symphonie ever written. It represents all that is in ever-changing beauty of creational tones and tunes.  I feel more and more people will  hear the calling for unconditional unity and unconditional love from the heart and that makes bubbles will be popping that still represent the last bits of an illusion before the great clearing of all is over and people really realize they are already in 5D. The total merging of our physical body and lightbodies, the ultimate balancing of our total bodies, the electric and magnetic, the female and male representations of the fields in our selves it will come to be. We are truly magnificent angels of fluid crystalline form. We are the creators  new eyes in the sky of eternal unity and love. Source wanted to merge its duality experience back into the new experience of oneness in a 5 D vibrational level.  The beauty of this all is that we  brought all that we experienced in the cycles of  duality with us to be sure we know what it is and now can create from unity and oneness and unconditional love from the heart. I experience that I am just the eyes in the sky that observe and know all that is without thinking about anything.  It is just being present only now.  Just being that glorious light that only shines and that is enough in itself. It needs nothing more to be than that ever-expanding shining light. It is just perfection in an unimaginable scale of total oneness with all. It is the total freedom to be you as your intended to be and have remembered to be, your authentic self.

Thanks for all that you made me remember my loving higher self, I know you are part with me and all, so let us celebrate our newly returned total god experience with the bliss, joy and feeling of freedom of all .  Come with me and float in this never-ending ocean of bubbles full of endless opportunities, and creational flow.

Thanks for showing and reminding me of all that I had forgotten, my I AM.

Love to all creation of the One we all are,

Love and Light,


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  1. Thank you so much for this conversation Lucas, it is truly wonderful. Hope to see more! 🙂

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