Visionkeeper – Mining For Gold – 16 January 2013

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Let’s not become like the butterfly in the picture. We need to be working devotedly to releasing all of our unnecessary baggage we have been yanking around behind us. In order to fly we need to be light and free to take off. We can’t be either if we are still mired in fear and ego based emotions. I would imagine many people don’t even have a clue where or how to begin dumping baggage. I am a great promoter of pencil and paper and writing out lists of things we need to take note of. So with that in mind I would ask that you sit down quietly with yourself and ask yourself what things are holding you back from moving forward into the life you dream about.

Most often the obstacle will be none other than good old FEAR. You have to dig deep too. If you write down something innocuous like money, keep at it and break it down by asking more questions like why don’t I have money, what is keeping me from money. Eventually you will reach the core of the issue which is essential for releasing baggage. Write your cores on a separate sheet of paper and when you are finished you will now have a starting off place to work with. Take each core you have unearthed and begin to work on it and figure out ways to work through them so you can move forward. Every time you release a core bit of baggage, you become lighter and closer to being able to fly.

Imagine if our Government weren’t corrupt and took the time to do this as well with all of the issues plaguing this country. They wouldn’t be racing to clamp down on gun control, they would be asking why we need guns in the first place, why do we feel so vulnerable, why is there so little trust amongst the people. Of course they won’t do this because the cause of most things leads right back to Washington. Each layer you peel away reveals a whole new issue and so you work through that until the next one is revealed. You can’t cure a disease or a problem by medicating the symptoms. You must get to the core of why you are sick or why there is a problem and fix that and forget the symptoms.

In order to mine for core issues one needs great courage and a lack of fear, so if you have an issue with either of those that is where you need to begin digging. Why am I fearful? Why do I not have courage? Most probably these questions will lead you to self worth and self esteem. Do you have either? The digging process can seem never-ending, but eventually you will reach the ‘mother core’ and when that is cleared away and other issues begin to heal themselves. We must devote ourselves to doing this. We can’t just be in a new world with our old problems. It won’t work and the new world will become slowly infected by the old foundation. To be in the new world we have to be new beings, think differently, see life differently, behave differently. It is time to begin anew on all levels.

If we wish to be free to fly we must cut the string attached to the rock by releasing all the baggage weighing us down. This includes freeing our minds. Releasing old restrictions that keep us boxed in by old beliefs. We must learn to open our minds to all possibilities and be willing to let go of how we once believed in things. Those beliefs belong to the old world of fear and ego. They are no longer needed or welcome. Learn to go with the flow of life you are swimming in and release the need to do it your way, or go where you want to go. Go where the energy is pulling you, don’t question yourself, just believe in yourself, your choices and your decisions. Trust will most probably be another emotion to work on. Good luck and happy digging. You will be rewarded with riches far greater than gold!

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