Wes Annac – Lightworker Motivation – 16 January 2013

065If I could just be permitted to poke my head in here before continuing on with my day – I am so happy to see the continual Light and encouragement being given by so many facets of the Lightworker public as of late. Being a “poster” of spiritual commentary and channeled messages nearly every day for a while now, I can usually gauge how we Lightworkers are doing or where we are at based on the general material being put-forth and lately, I have to say that things really seem to be picking up.

We are motivated more than ever to begin bringing our New World into fruition. We are ready to see the condition of this world change and we are willing to do the inner and outer-work required to see this happen. We are ready to see an enlightened humanity who understands the importance of putting an end to the violence, hatred, separation and the violation of the sovereign rights of We the People.

We are ready to take back this world and work with all of ourselves to bring-forth collective peace, understanding and harmony. Or at least, I and a few others are and it seems apparent by the writings being given of late by fellow awakening writers and channelers, that we are more motivated than ever before to repair this world and to establish the basic concepts we have already established within ourselves, for all on this world to benefit from.

Personally, events in my Life are moving along at a quick pace and ever since the New Year reached us, every day has felt like a few hours. I wake up, post and get some work done, perhaps run an errand and get home and meditate and then voila! It will be time for bed. The rapid acceleration of time that has been ongoing for quite a while but that is becoming even more rapid is showing me that energetically, things continue to heat up as the Lightworker public finds the necessary increased motivation that we require to begin addressing everything about this world we are ready to see change.

Can you imagine the entire Earth collective, meditating together and uniting on the concepts of a world that is workable and provides equal opportunities for all to find abundance and the personal sovereignty we all deserve? We must of course, continue to come together if we wish to see this come about but with the energy levels being where they are at present, it seems that we are gearing up for a whole new phase of this wonderful Earth game and this phase involves much, much more work and dedication on our part. It truly is wonderful, seeing so many fellow awakening souls so motivated and continuing to put their Light “out there” for us all to benefit from.

Personally, there are again, a lot of fast-paced things happening for us at present (such as the possibility of not having to Live with relatives anymore) and I should say that if I don’t seem to be around for a short time, it’s not because I’ve lost faith or energy or wish to take a break – it’s because there is a lot happening at present but I never let personal happenings affect the work I wish to give in too bold of ways, so I will continue to be around and will continue to happily give what I can in any given moment. This very writing was birthed from a desire to give you dear readers an update and share how I’m feeling in this moment.

Truly, things have never been better and while we will all continue to be tested to remain in our centers (which are more important than ever to remain in) the wonderful Light energies that lay beyond such testing (which we must be centered to feel) will burst-forth within us and show us that everything is and has always been not just ok, but truly wonderful.

Wes Annac – Attaching my Love to a personal update.

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