Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Please Release Me, Let Me Go… – 17 January 2013

waterfallAs we move forward into 2013 every inch of us seems confused, are we coming or going, shifting or staying?  2012 left us in a dimensional hollow, so to speak.  We have sought to perceive the truth of it all. Are we here or there? Did we shift? Is this what it feels like? Did we do good? The human perception is cloudy with a chance of rain. A great grey befalls the kingdom as black and white blur into a void.  Seen or unseen, everything is felt. This year escorts humanity – into doorways of thinking beyond present perception of time, of space, light and sound. 

Your essence has never been limited and linear, your spirit belongs to all worlds, to all universes, and to all levels of light.  The light is your brethren, the asteroids your distant cousins.  Everything of this existence was cooked in the same cosmic crock pot.  You came from the same cosmic soup with the same cosmic ingredients and  ancestry.  At this time on earth, the Universe is asking its children to Complete, to finish what is undone, unseen, whether baseboard or phone call, completeness beckons itself home.  The light of Completeness allows all captured life form to be set free into concluded creation. Like a breath of fresh air after a long winter’s nap, life is breathed back into life.

It is time to look at what is incomplete within self and life. To sit down and really look at what is still unfinished.  Within each uncompleted situation lives a powerful pulsating life force. That life force has taken the shape of all that needs to be finished whether animate or inanimate. Whether thought or deed. Your passions for life are stuck and need lubricating.  Life quickens children, buckle up, hold on for dear life. What is unfinished haunts you, as you scurry about trying to ‘fool-fill’ yourselves.

People talk about not having enough energy or life force or desire to do this or that, forgetting they are made of the same stuff as the Heavenly Father (a little watered down).  Most People have a lot more energy than they are showing in their light profiles.  Their Life force is tied up in dreams and excuses. The things you want to do but for some reason (or excuse) do not allow your self to experience.  Step back and look at how much life force you hold captive in non-action. Decree out loud, the conclusion of all that is unfinished in your life. See it as done!  Give your dreams permission to birth in the vast void of 2013. Visualize the life force within filling you with a powerful striking light that stretches thru eternity. / link to original article


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