John Ward – Exclusive : Fairbank Paedophile Investigation – “Arrest Imminent”- 17 January 2013

John WardBut suspicions remain about police NAYPIC raid

Two unrelated but well-informed sources have suggested to The Slog in the last eighteen hours that at least one arrest is about to take place in connection with Operation Fairbank – evidence in relation to which was seized yesterday in a dawn raid by Metropolitan Police officers. Thus far there is an MSM news blackout on the incident.

Many Sloggers will know by now that, via the investigative site Exaro, detectives investigating paedophile activities at the Elms guest-house in Barnes many years ago raided the premises of those supporting care home victims via the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC).

Armed detectives raided the premises and seized files identifying ‘dozens’ of political and other celebrity paedophiles. Former NAYPIC employee Mary Moss told Exaro, “They went through everything. By the end of it, I felt like one of the victims”.

It does seem odd that a uniquely secret police unit like Fairbank should raid whistleblowers rather than perpetrators, although it could well be that the police were in search of additional evidence before making an arrest within the next few days. (If they don’t, then yet more conspiracy theories will kick into action).

However, that such arrest(s) are imminent does seem to be fairly clear.

“I don’t know who or why, but I know fairly certainly that a Barnes [guest house] arrest will be made very shortly, perhaps even in the next day or so,” a senior media contact told me late yesterday afternoon. And during the evening, a separate investigative source similarly opined that “a very high-profile arrest may now be only hours away. Much progress has been made, and one or two members on Fairbank are very confident”.

Fairbank leaders have gone to great lengths to maintain total security, including measures to avoid even using computers at times for evidential storage, and setting up dedicated secure airborne communications that are rigorously checked for interception attempts several times a day.

Further news is anticipated. If you have anything substantive to add – with back-up data – then please contact me at the usual address:

An important ASB (All Sloggers Bulletin): Last November I ran a story based on inside information from employees and users about private employment agencies fiddling the DWP in relation to job-finder outcomes. At the moment I can’t locate the email I received from the user end. Could you please resend and get in contact asap please as a major news organisation is interested in the story. Thanks. / link to original article

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