Lucas – Reflections Of The Heart – Relationships – A Conversation From My Higher Self – 17 January 2013

57302_rHi Again  my lovely One, with me, I AM with you.  I came to talk to you about the tears that are burning holes in my eyes as I see that still people will not let go of that what their expansion in the field of joy, bliss, happiness blocks. People are willingly blind and hurt for no reason.  The end of something for whatever reason is always the opening door to a new beginning.  Do not make yourself hurt or suffer as there is no need.  If once united, even as Twin souls, on earthly level or on etheric level it is not imperative to hold onto something that is merged and no longer is serving the highest good for all. People still keep holding on and having therefore not that what a in  Oneness Loving Couple should have: Love, Happiness, Harmony and total interconnectedness in the vibrational  resonating expansionary field.

You showed me there is no concept of binding in all  in 5D reality, there is  only unconditional love that is the invisible adhesive to all that is attracted in the same vibrational resonating field for as long as the resonance of that field serves its purpose. Relationships are in this new world only an exchange of the highest form of vibrational love from the heart merging all in to one.  The merging in that field of the heart vibrational resonance is that what we on this earth call being in love. If that field of love collapses due to difference in expansionary vibrational fields of the two humans in this case, there is just a normal process of disconnecting and moving on that follows. The flow of things  will bring  on your path that what will suit in the moment of now your expansionary resonating vibrational field  as long as you have given the field that intent or  image.  Even being in multiple relationships is even in this way possible.

You showed me that higher dimensional vibrational beings  do not know  concepts that incorporate gender or sexual preference  to it.  There is total balance in so-called female and male aspects in the being united. That is also with us humans gonna happen in time, but still we are in the physical of a gender form.  So relationships and love are seen in a totally new light. Procreation for lightbeings of the higher vibrational levels is not a sexual act as we still know it  but a merging of energies to one that creates a new form that will be birthed from the highest love energies  possible.  Sex in human 5D level is not specific gender related either but is also an expression form of the merged highest loving energies of the two as becoming one.

What brings you joy and happiness, and unconditional  love in a resonating vibrational field is always right for you. I see that relationships as we know them upon the current earth that still is in transition are not anymore about being together, married,  a bond, a promise, a ring. There is no claim to be on each others lives. The new world has stepped out of the duality cycle so that means only unity in oneness in unconditional love from the heart will bring that what resonates together as long as it is a matching field of resonance and mutually expanding field.  As long as the two are resonating the field will be expanding with them in their own expansionary vibrational frequency growth of  oneness also.

What my understanding is  from my higher self  is that words or pictures only touch on the real explanation of this. We can not comprehend from our brain level what is.  It is a feeling in a vibrational way. All is vibrational frequency.  That what makes it is manifested in a visible, invisibly, tangible, solid way is that own vibrational frequency field. You have in that sense also your own vibrational frequency.  It is your vibrational frequency ID. That ID makes others recognize you in your energy that you are. That vibrational frequency you are built of is containing a lot of other fields and frequencies that in total make up that what you are. See it like your unique ID frequency being that what holds all your total energies together.

For now I thank my higher self for all that is shown to me and in unity of the I AM, I say with unconditional love,

Love and Light,


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