Sophia Love – Freedom – 17 January 2013

4536238This is a Quest for truth.  Truth simply is.  You are love.  This you have heard many times.  This Quest seeks understanding.  We are looking to realize truth within.  Agape is unconditional self love.  We are headed for love without requirement.

Using the word unconditional to further define love is sort of like using the word feline to further define cat.  Love is unconditional.  If your feelings change because conditions do, then what you thought was love – wasn’t.

We love each other.  Sometimes the connection of love is physical, sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes it is mental and other times spiritual.  It’s not all or nothing; it may very well manifest as only one expression in this 3D life.  You may be wildly aroused by each other physically and have not much to talk about.  That does not invalidate the love connection.  You may share a deeply transformative spiritual moment with someone with whom you have nothing else in common.  One or more than one expression of love connection can be present in any relationship, and none of them invalidate each other.

In a general sense, we all love each other.  Love is what we are and what we do.  In a specific sense, we choose our partners in business, romance and friendship according to where and how strongly that love connection is expressed.  There is no quantifier for love; it is not more here and less there.  It is merely expressed differently, and felt in varying degrees, places and ways.  I love you.  I do not love you less because I can’t see you.

Heartache arises when we were hoping for absolute connection on all fronts and thought we’d found it.  Relationships, with or without deep connections, are agreements.  They begin, continue, and at some point, end.  Both parties have to want to play.

Our Quest is about the most intimate relationship you’ll ever have.  This connection is guaranteed to be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When you awaken to the love of self, there are no disappointments.  No unmet expectations.  No surprises.  No secrets. No change of heart.

Within you is the best friend you long for, the lover you dream of, the wise teacher you seek and the most fun playmate ever.  Once you discover agape, you’ll find deep satisfaction in all relationships.  No longer will you be looking for them to be anything specific or to fill any unmet need – they can simply BE whatever it is they are.  You will BE also – without judgment or requirement.

Freedom feels like this.  Our Quest is for nothing less.  Understand that the physical manifestation of our freedom being expressed in the world right now, the OPPT (One People’s Public Trust), is doing so because of us.

Our world will always be the physical expression of who we are within.  No longer are we slaves to judgment and obedience and requirement and debt of any kind.  We are realizing agape.  There is no one who can take this journey for you and we are taking it as ONE.

Some of us are focused on how love is expressed in institutions, others of us on how it is felt within.  Yet it is all One and the Global Manifestation of One is Freedom.

Freedom is synonymous with love, regardless of expression.  Our most jubilant moments have happened in utter abandon.  This is where our Quest is headed.  Once we arrive, our entire world will out play our joy and self love becomes One Universal Expression of Agape!

It promises to be exquisite and incredible and beyond what we’ve ever experienced.  This is why we are here.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,

~Sophia / link to original article


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