Sophia Love – Remember – 17 January 2013

RememberThe love we are searching for is not actually lost.  It is, like many other things have been, hidden.  We’ll have to understand what it is we are looking for, so that we may recognize it.

This love of self is indestructible.  It cannot be dampened or diminished with falsehoods once it is realized.  The holder of this love is reading these words.  It does not come from another.  It comes from you.

You arrived with agape.  You spent hours observing and moving every toe and finger, marveling at their beauty.  Your days were absorbed with discovering new ways to enjoy everything about yourself.

Your self worth was fully in tact.  It took a planned and constant effort and a lifetime of manipulation to convince you that you were less than magnificent.

Agape is truth.  It is not something that you do.  It is that which you are.  You cannot see agape.  It is what you know.  Sometimes you look at a rock and it has a million dollar price tag.  Sometimes you look at a rock and it appears to be worthless.  Yet both are diamonds, with the same core.  We cannot see agape, it must be known.

Agape is not thinking “I look good today”.  It is knowing – “I AM good.”  There is no one better.  Self esteem is holding yourself in the highest esteem; looking up to yourself as a being of value, someone to emulate, someone to honor and respect.

You have everything that is required.  You have the components of miraculous.  You are here because of your divine wonder, your sacred parts and the one of a kind gift that is you.  If you don’t remember yet what this means – ask.  Deep within you’ll find the answers.  It is not that they don’t exist.  It is that you were never told.

It is time for you to know – you have come to show the way.  Trust that you will remember.  You have all that you will ever need.  You are here because there is none other who can supply what you have.  You have arrived with a heart full of agape.

Yet, like discovering a twenty in the pocket of an old pair of jeans, it was useless until it was once again found. Our Quest has discovered your agape.  It is up to you to decide how to use it.

Remember your joy and wonder at even your most basic components – your fingers and toes.  It is that fascination we return to with agape.  You are unique, magnificent beings in marvelous bodies that think and speak and move and sing and dance.  Allow yourself to be amazed – for Source is eternally entertained, fascinated and thrilled by your every moment.

Open the gift of agape.  Remember to love without inhibition.  Return to unrestrained enthusiasm about life.  You are here!

We are meant to live in bliss and with agape remembered, we will.  It is an honor to share this moment with you.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  We did it.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

With love,


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