Visionkeeper – The Choice Of Soaring Or Crawling – 17 January 2013

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As we march along into our new world we need to stop and ask ourselves what we want that new world to be like, and realize that new world begins with each of us creating what our own world will be like. It begins with ourselves. Stop and take time to evaluate your life. Are you doing and being what makes you happy? Does your life hold a deep meaning? Are you finally figuring out that what you have or what car you drive or what neighborhood you live in  does not define who you are and should not have the power to bring you happiness or not. How you feel and who you are comes from deep within you, from your values, your soul, your true desires, your authentic self.

We must stop trying to make the world the way we want it to be, instead we must make the supreme effort to make our own life the way we want it to be. If we are not happy with our own lives then it is up to us to change that. It all begins with how we perceive ourselves. Do we see ourselves as strong and capable and powerful, or do we see ourselves as weak and inadequate and powerless. If you feel the latter then this is the life you will bring to yourself and it is up to you to change it. If you feel the former, then the more you feed that life with positive intentions the more rewarding your life will become for you. The power lies in our own hands and in our own thoughts. If we look at life through positive eyes that is what we get, and this is what the new world is all about. Realizing our own power to create the world we desire and taking action.

I think most people get hung up right there in thinking there is no way I can change the world  just by making changes in myself. You can and you are doing just that. We are all made up of energy and when our energy is happy and positive because our life is, then we are sending out powerful positive energy into the world directly around us. When other people come in contact with our energy it affects their energy as well. We have the choice of offering the world a negative energy or a positive energy and the positive, more loving energy that swirls about us, the better our world will become. It is imperative we realize we are living in a very real do or die moment in time, we either evolve into better beings and lift the world up or we succumb to our own self-destruction. We are at the cross roads right now and our choices will be what either saves or destroys the world in which we live.

Big changes are coming to light now, many we are not even aware of, as much of it is going on behind the scenes. It is time to realize we are not alone in our efforts to change the world, many are working tirelessly to remove the old system and replace it with the new. We must all continue to put forth our efforts and together we will finalize this magnificent shift once and for all. Take note of that expression I just used ‘once and for all ‘. Once and for all is exactly what it means. Everyone will reap the benefits of this change, the days of only the rich cashing in are over. Our new world is for ALL and that is what this shift is truly all about. A better way of life for the entire planet, Gaia included! Let’s give all we can to making sure this monumental ‘do or die’ moment turns out to be positive for humanity.

Blessings to us all,

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