Bill Ballard – CMEs Incoming – Watching Peeps Play In Heart vs Head And Ego – 18 January 2013

Uploaded on 18 January 2013 by pearls2u These incoming CMEs kicked off by the Solar Flares as we are in the Photon Belt, along with the magnetic flow from the Galactic Center we now call Cosmic Ray Density in its relation to the collapsing magnetic field of Mother Earth is really kicking emotional issues up with those persons still focused in their Head/Ego. Those of us in our hearts want the volume turned up a few more notches… Turn Up The Volume, Please! We are watching those still focused in their 3 and 4D Ego having some intense emotions as life becomes more and more difficult for them as they dont shift into their heart. Relationships are strained if not breaking down with so many persons. The system is collapsing… How interesting to observe and witness. The only out for persons having problems is to turn inward to their heart. What we are witnessing will only increase as time continues, because we have a long time to get through this Photon Belt around our Central Sun, as well as the magnetic stream coming from the Great Great Central Sun… Stay in your heart. Go with the 5D energy flow where spirit guides you and all will be easy… or not… It is a personal choice. LOVE!

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