Lisa Gawlas – The Guardians!, The Magnetic FIeld Of Life, And More! – 18 January 2013

golden-lightThere are times in the exchange of energy, of what I call readings, that is no less exciting than the greatest orgasm ever had.  Afterwards you just want to sit back and have an amazing cigarette and just feel what your whole body and soul experienced.  Yesterday, in an intimate exchange of understanding and expansion with a beautiful lady in the field… it was very much like that!

But before I share all the juicy nuggets that came from her reading (as well as others) I want to first talk about a conversation we had, a few days prior, she had a meditation that set the stage of this incredible exchange of information.  But I also realized thru her sharing her meditation, about the time I was going thru serious left eye stabbing pain and laid in my bath tub all day, something was happening in my bathtub those hours I did not give any credit to, until this amazing connection.

In the several hours I was in my bath, my whole field of vision was acting like a strobe light gone wild.  Dark, then light, dark then light continuously for close to 3 hours.  I just poo pooed it off as something to do with my intense eye pain and inability to keep my eyes open for very long.  This strobe effect happened whether my eyes were opened or closed, it didn’t matter.

When we hurt, especially when we hurt so damn bad, we instantly think we need to fix this, stop this, something must be wrong.  Well, just like my cancer journey, something was incredibly right.  Hurt like hell, but resulted in piercing so far thru the veil, to see and experience other peoples codes of Light and extract and digest what is needed from that.

Kinda like ripping a band aide off.

Instead of sharing the blow by blow details of her reading, I am going to simply share the massive understandings that came thru it.  Talk about seeing and understanding how we work NOW!!

Let’s first bring back the visual of the body’s double Torus:

Added note:  That image needs a slight tweaking.  In the way it is presented, the inner field looks as if it is coming up from our root chakra and ratiates (creates itself) outwards from the hips and shoulders.  It doesn’t.  It radiates out from the heart center itself.  The energy that fills the outer field, does indeed create itself from the core stream.  This is why it is crucial you (we) be clear on whether we are energizing emotional thoughts or pure heart energy.


See where the heart is located on the person, we are going to call that your deep inner core energy.  It is where all life starts and ends in y/our reality.  The inner circle is what I call your inner field, the radiance of your heart energy creating.  Your core energy moves out of your core and starts to energize your inner field, the most immediate aspect of your created life.   Passion!  True, unadulterated PASSION.  That’s y/our key!  Always has been.  But I will get to that in a moment.

Thru this amazing lady in the field I realized something so utterly amazing and exciting… what I call the inner field and the energy I keep seeing like a crystal ball is our pure consciousnesses energy, our soul energy. I so wish I could show you instead of use words because it really is holy shit amazing!!

When she started talking about a divine counterpart or her passionate project her and her partner have been working on, suddenly I could see these deep golden whips of energy flinging around everywhere inside of her crystal ball looking inner field.  I could see the orientation from her deep core energy (inner heart) and the beaded like magnetic whips moving with her words all around her inner field.

It really gives credence to what I had shared a week or so ago from my own meditations, only now I am really starting to understand the full scope of it.


OMG just finding this picture gave me yet another huge ah-ha moment.  If you can look at the very center of the above image as your core heart energy (deep inside your body) and the ball itself the crystal ball inner field area.  You are magnetizing your reality by your deep inner emotional field.  When those arcs of energy connect to something in the outer field of creation (see the outer field in the double torus) it appears in your life.  We magnetized connected to our heart or mental energy (what ever is powered up most within the emotional field.)  Some of the easier examples of this is; new job, new place to live, new car, things that are already ready for you and now you are ready for it.

However, there is something even more to all of this.  What if your hearts passion (no ego involved here) requires another consciousness for the experience needed.  Boy if this whole understanding doesn’t get really interesting!!  I hope I can keep it uncomplicated in this sharing.

Remember, there is a third field of energy involved here (beyond the inner and outer field of our created life.)  This is where the whole game gets really interesting and fun!!

The magnetic field of earth!!

earth light

I think the easiest and most clear way to explain what I am understanding is by using my own journey, my own surprising and heart expanding move to where I live now, as an example.

When the last tenant moved out of this place I now live, my landlady placed an ad on craigslist to advertise the availability of this house.  In doing that, she also placed within the energy of that ad, her heart desire.  To attract someone who really feels the wealth and energy of this landscape and who has the internal fortitude to live far from anything (stores, entertainment, just about anything one would take for granted) that distracts from daily life.

Her heart desire was beaming like a beacon out on what I call the magnetic grid of earth…. sending out signals… very encoded signals.

When Archangel Michael asked me how I seen myself in 2012 and I got thru all the mental responses I spewed out and then let me heart respond… Her beacon of light opened the codes of Light within my created field of energy, the trek I had to take onto craigslist and find her ad and seen this place thru a picture, opened the codes in my inner field of energy,

The pull within my own heart field was so strong to go visit this place that it completely over rode my head.  I had no money, forget $1400 that seemed so unattainable.  I went anyway.

Meeting her was like meeting a friend you have had all your life, but just realized their form in this creation.  We talked for hours.  I asked her what in her could have possibly happened to let me move here.  She said it was when she was showing me the property, and we went down to the river, she just knew.  I did too.

So did you.  Because you opened your hearts (and wallets) in a way that will humble me forever.  Donations came thru and within a week, my first months rent was paid in full.

So with all that said, our magnetic energy is seeking its counterpart, no matter what that is.  A place to live, a job, a relationship or the very key that will fully and utterly unlock the energy of Shambhala, that which I call, our Divine Counterpart.

I do want to throw out a word of caution, BE CLEAR where you are in your field of energy.

My greatest teacher right now is someone who seems to show me/us what we need to work on, shift into.  In her reading, she was set up on top of her crystal ball.  So we can look at that as, trying to create from the outside of her field of core energy (inner field and deep core) from the aspect of created life (it is our mental talk that keeps us there, on the outside looking in.)

In her reading, she found an opening in her outer crystal field of energy and was dropping seeds of desire down into her inner heart field.  I just now realized, I didn’t see those seeds drop into her deep inner heart area and that is the only real and true place full germination of lasting results can take place from.

Even as I type that understanding out, I just got a flash of what I am sharing in my Shambhala blog.  The full and permanent shift within ourselves.  Moving from created life (root chakra energy) to Soul centered desires (heart center.)

I am just going to let you savor that for now (as I do the same.)

I have to add something else, very very important.

The Guardians

I went into my own meditation the day the lady with the multi suns showed up in a reading.  I felt like I was missing an important detail about all those suns and their sizes, boy I was missing a lot!!

For the first time in a long time, the Guardians showed up in my meditation, speaking as one collective voice.  They helped me understand they have been on the earth forever, but equally, they are an “intergalactic” energy.  Having an energetic toe on so many other realms of existence  they are not human, they are intergalactic energy (consciousnesses) that equally have a human in process right here, right now, for full integration of themselves into each of us.

Over the span of 2012, we as an individual and a collective have been readying our energy fields, both in our bodies as well as our created fields of life, for a full on union.

We are in that unified expansion right now.  It may not feel like it (god knows, speaking for myself really) …but, from my expanded, holy freakin wow understandings these days… unmistakable!!

So thru a few of the readings the last day or two, for those who have energy emerging from their deep inner core (heart) starting to permeate their inner core, I had seen an individuated Guardian, looking very much like a huge whisp of amber light energy… starting to jump off the cliff, in the very place the cliff (Mesa) exploded… and I know (tho did not see) the fall will be into your readied energy centers.

It will be so exciting to see what all this means to us.

I am going to close on that note.   But, I do want to share a gift that was given to me yesterday.  A beautiful gentleman sent me an email with a picture of the Mesa from the view of the road.  Holy Beautiful Batman!!

I love y’all so much and thank you for loving presence in my world each and every moment of the days.

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Sundays Soul Gym workout… Unconditional Love without Judgement!!!

Jemez Rockslide

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