Sophia Love – More Is More – 18 January 2013

moreismoreSo, as this is the second blog posting for today, it will be brief. (17 Jan.2013)

The thing is, there is a ‘wholeness blessing’ scheduled for me this weekend, and the woman who will perform it asked me a question.  She said “Think about what part of your life you would like to be more whole.”  So I did.

As I did, this HUGE force of energy welled up and is right now coursing through me – it sounds like “Shit, there is no ONE part of me I would like to be more whole, I WANT IT ALL.”  Then I got it.  I cannot stop smiling.

You see, we have been manipulated by everyone.  Everyone.  Now I know why.  We are the most fun species to play with.  We love to be led, and our emotions, our MOST POWERFUL TOOLS, are all over the map.  Controlled for eons, we have now heard the secret, it’s all a game, we create life ourselves. Do you understand what that actually means?

Let’s create some more.  Value in this 3D world is expressed with abundance.  We are sitting around, feeling nothing but lack, reading news articles of corruption and channeled messages of hope – all the while expecting the change to come from some place other than ourselves.

It won’t.  It can’t.  That is not how it works.  Ever see someone walk into a room and “own the room”?  It is a beautiful thing.  They know the truth.  They are living precious cargo, walking prosperity and breathing abundance.  They know their worth.  No one argues that truth either.  It simply is.

You and I?  It is time to walk our talk.  No longer is it time to wait, or even demand abundance.  It is time to BE abundant.  Live abundantly.  Act in every moment as if you were priceless.  You are.  Accept and expect nothing less. The world has no choice but to respond in turn.  That is how the door gets opened, the prosperity flows and the abundance is manifested.

You are the One you are waiting for.


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