Visionkeeper – Expansion – 18 January 2013

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Perhaps you, like so many others, keep saying that nothing is changing, everything is just the way it was. I would beg to differ with you on that. We are expanding outward quickly now and if you really stop and take a moment to look back and compare it with where you are now you will see. It all begins with the realization at long last that you are free and always have been.

Just imagine if you never owned a television set and so you never received the programming the dark ones wanted you to hear? That one small black box sitting innocently in the corner of your family room has completely, one hundred percent, changed the entire world, and not for the better I am sad to say. Since the first day it burst onto the scene, it has been pumping out lies and distortions with the sole intent of forcing us to see the world in the way the dark ones want us to view it. Those days are ending and people are awakening to the truth and discovering life is very different from what they have been told. So many truths have been withheld from us, leaving us empty and vacant within and thinking “Is this all there is to life?” Now we are learning there is way more to life, a whole new rich world of wonder for us to explore.

We are being enveloped by the new world as it floats in around us. The way we lived our lives and the thoughts we had everyday are far different today than they were then. If we look at how we react to situations we can see more clearly the changes taking place. Where once we might have reacted for ourselves, now we react for the whole, the world suddenly matters and love has begun to take over where hatred once stood. We interact with strangers on the street and connect with them in new and more meaningful ways. It can be difficult as well when you see people acting from the old paradigm in anger or hate and it doesn’t fit into your new world at all. It feels foreign and very out-of-place! You feel their energy and struggle to get away from it quickly.

Our hearts are expanding as well as our thoughts. People begin to affect us in ways we are not familiar with. Tears come easily as we are now moved by situations more easily. We feel a greater concern for others both around us and further away. We saw hearts explode open after 9-11 and now after the Sandy Hook shooting we saw even more of an outpouring from people. People are leaving their jobs in search of new, more meaningful ones that please their heart and soul. Like the young boy in the picture above, a new world is floating in our windows and there is no escape. We either change and adapt to it or remain behind in the old paradigm of war and hate and greed.

We are realizing now that it is only our old beliefs and our thoughts that hold us hostage in this hell. That black box in the family room convinced us we were the way we were and we had to stay locked into this insanity they had created. No we don’t. They cannot imprison our spirits and energy and that is truly all we are. Our bodies are merely houses in which our spirits and energy reside. Unplug the black box and preen your wings for you are able to fly free if you so choose. The illusion is over, we now know the sad saga of what the dark ones have been up to since the beginning of time. The jig is up. Begin living your lives free and do exactly what you desire to do. Release the old fears that kept you locked up and embrace the new you that now wishes to soar free and become whatever suits your fancy.

Blessings to us all,


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