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TheOne-DreamDreamer – Darkness? Yes, please! – 19 January 2013

onedreamdreamerblogDarkness… absence of light?

What is darkness? It’s everywhere… talking about the “dark ones”, those that “control the world”, the “bad ones”. Uhu… ok. People say they get attacked by the dark ones, psychic attacks as they hold so much light the become the target of the dark. Continue reading


P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D – Reality Shifts : What Happens To Those Who Slip Between The Cracks Of Time And Space? – 19 January 2013

ufol1Perception determines “truth.” We invent our own reality through our own perceptions and others’, and by accepting what appears to be real as real. History is filled with stories of people who, in “slipping between the cracks” of their own consciousness (thus altering how they perceived the world around them) uncovered different ways to experience reality. What they accomplished in doing this made an impact on society. You and I, all of us, have profited again and again because this happened.

Chester F. Carlson, for example, inventor of the Xerox duplication process and founder of the Xerox Corporation, was a devotee of a certain trance medium who channelled spirit beings. While attending a series of sessions with the woman, he eventually “received” the photocopy process from the spirit beings she contacted. After experimenting with the technique and making a few adjustments, the Xerox process was born, along with a multi-billion-dollar company. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Understanding The Soul Complexity Thru Grains Of Sand! – 19 January 2013

grains-of-sandWhat a month January is turning out to be, at least in my world.  Up, down, in, out, whirl around, flat-out… But no matter the condition my body or my mind is in on any given day, one thing is constant, the stream of continued understanding and in insight.  I literally feel like I have downloaded 10 encyclopedia’s of information since January started, more than half of them, thru you!   Continue reading

ActivistPost – Tony Cartalucci – WIFI + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom) – 19 January 2013

piratebox3(Lucas: this is news we gonna see more and more published. Things to build your new communities of the heart or 5D with. Sharing in freedom.)

Worried about draconian Internet laws? Creeping surveillance? The inability to share with others without being criminalized? The Internet is still a tool of tremendous power, but a deep rot has set in. We have caught it early and we are fighting to stop this rot, but there are other options we can begin exploring to hedge our bets, enhance our current efforts of fighting against corporate monopolies, and eventually, build an Internet of the people, by the people, for the people – big-telecom monopolies not welcomed. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Lady Portia – The New World Has Taken Its First Babysteps Into Humankinds Hearts – 19 January 2013

babystapPrecious hearts of mine, I am rejoicing about this new World that has taken its first babysteps into Humankinds’ hearts.  You now all start to exist and co-create with one another and it is the most beautiful thing to observe.  You all have gained a true expansion of Light and Love deep inside of your precious hearts of Self and of Love.  You have all chosen to be into this new Reality of the 5th Dimension going to the 6th slowly and gradually. Continue reading

Mish / Mike Shedlock – Massive Fraud In Spain Threatens Entire Government Of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy; Protestors In Madrid Shot “Resignation” – 19 January 2013

mish-image-15%(Lucas: These ongoing stories popping up everywhere over the world from fraud, resigning or forced out (Prime) ministers and officials give you just a little view from what is happening behind the scenes. You said nothing is happening, just really see and you will see a lot is happening.)

I am piecing together a story of fraud and corruption involving the highest levels of Spanish government. My unnamed sources think it could bring down Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. Continue reading

John Ward – The Saturday Essay : What Is To Be Done With The Lawyers? – 19 January 2013

John WardWe have brakes to stop progress in Britain. They’re called solicitors.

Of all the people who get in the way of things getting better in Britain – the civil servants, bankers, bean-counters, legislators and media gargoyles – none can top the lawyer for sheer destructive, bp-raising self-interest and pedantic idiocy. The problem is that they remain an immovable object in the way of progress: self-regulated by the dubious Law Society, allowed to encourage litigation using advertising, charging by the hour when they can, and an absolutely dominant influence in the legislature. Continue reading

Ariah Velasquez – Enter the Rabbit Hole and Fearlessly Create – 19 January 2013


Hold on with commitment, because even though it seems like we’re going up in this New Earth, we’re actually going in. Wow. This ride is not for the faint of heart. It can be a vulnerable and volatile time as you go deeper and deeper into your rabbit hole. The deeper you go, the more you will find the illusion can test you with more intense, more covert manifestations. People will question you more than before, they will tell you that you are crazy, got it wrong, are not authentic, are dark and not light, and you will know this means that you are going in deeper, emanating more light to attract the response. And then it is your role to not go into feeling powerful from the attention, because whether it is negative or positive attention, it does not matter. It is feeding the energy body. So you must constantly check in with the self and release the need to be important, release the need to be special, release the need to be right. We are all, all of these things. Parallel realities allow us to be everything.

Continue reading

Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 19 January 2013

ann albers and lucy the dogMessages From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we would like to speak to you in the topic of sharing from your abundance, because indeed each of you has wealth from which to share. We are not talking about money here, but rather the abundance that you find within yourselves and in your lives. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Magnetic Reconnection – 19 January 2013

Uploaded on 19 January 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading